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8 products

Bezzera Home Coffee Machines for Sale!!

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Well, if you are willing to buy premium home coffee machines from the brand Bezzera, here is a detailed brand and product knowledge for you! 

Exclusive Models from Bezzera

Single Boiler Bezzera Espresso Machines

Bezzera Unica PID

This is a handy espresso machine for you if want to have plain espresso as well as temperature control to get the best espresso shots possible. It steams milk, but it is going to make you wait between brewing and steaming. It is a great choice in terms of single-boiler espresso. This product features a PID that regulates temperature stability and control, a vibratory pump, a nickel-plated copper boiler, and a large water tank that reduces refill frequency.

Heat Exchanger Bezzera Espresso Machines

Bezzera BZ10

This is a small, compact, semi-automatic heat exchanger espresso machine featuring a boiler pressure gauge for monitoring pressure in the boiler. Also, it comes with a grouphead heated with two heating elements. A thermostat on the grouphead helps in monitoring the pressure and it regulates the heating elements depending on the temperature.

Bezzera BZ16, Semi Automatic

The semi-automatic version of the BZ16 allows you to manually start the brewing cycle. And when you think the shot is down, you have to stop the brewing cycle manually. The other features are a copper boiler, heat exchanger design, dual gauges, one for brewing and one for steaming, a hot water tap, and a steam wand for milk-based drinks. The machine also comes with the Bezzera heated grouphead.

Bezzera BZ16, Volumetric

This has two variations - the semi-automatic and the volumetric. The volumetric version allows you to push a button and the machine brews the shot. Then, it stops itself after the amount of espresso is dispensed. The BZ16 comes with a 2-litre copper boiler, brew pressure gauge and steam pressure gauge, and heat exchanger brewing design that allows brewing and steaming at the same time. Also, there is a wand for steaming and a hot water tap for brewing. The machine features the Bezzera heated grouphead as well.

Bezzera Magica, No PID

Though quite similar to the  Bezzera BZ16,  Magicas have the traditional E61 grouphead design that is heated with a thermosyphon. It pulls water from the boiler through the grouphead and then to the boiler again. These machines feature stainless steel bodies, a heat exchanger design that brews and steams at the same time, a vibratory pump, joystick controls for steam and hot water wands, brew pressure gauge, boiler pressure gauge, huge 4-litre water tank, and a 2-litre copper boiler.

Bezzera Magica, with PID

This machine shares the same features as the Magica with no PID. But this has a PID. The PID is for temperature adjustment and it keeps the boiler temperature stable.

Bezzera Mitica with PID

The Bezzera Mitica PID is quite similar to the Magica model. The main difference is it is a direct connect-capable machine with a rotary vane pump, while the Magica is a tank-based model with a vibratory pump.


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