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3 products

Bellezza Home Coffee Grinder

Bellezza company has been manufacturing uniquely efficient brewing grinders and espresso machines constructed from premium quality components, with immense attention to detail and ideated by German engineers.

It is a coffee parts manufacturer from Heidelberg. And it is why all their high-end machines are developed by their highly skilled German engineers. The coffee grinders they manufacture do not just satisfy the high expectations of baristas – they exceed them. They aim to offer a seamless brewing experience. This brand is truly successful in combining beauty and quality within a single product. 

History of the Company

When Heinz Berberich established Berberich Kaffeemaschinen in Ketsch, Germany in 1975, the story of the Bellezza Espressomaschinen GmbH began. Initially, he founded this company for their family tradition. It was almost 45 years ago, and lots of things have happened since. 

In contemporary times, Brasilia, Electra, Wega, Rancilio, and many other manufacturers were close partners at the beginning. And, some of them were close friends of Berberich Kaffeemaschinen. But, Heinz Berberich made a partnership with the well-known Bremer Viva and started remodifying classic espresso machine models as partners of big industry players.

The experience he gained from this long-term development of high-end espresso machines helped him in manufacturing the first Bellezza coffee grinder and espresso machine in partnership with the Bellezza team. He conveyed that this machine would later become his legacy: The Inizio.

From 2017, Udo Bohneberg and Alexander Lösch started continuing the tradition of Berberich Kaffeemaschinen under the label Bellezza. He aimed to transform this company into a leading one and he succeeded in this. 

Quality Manufacturing of the Company

They prioritize the quality of their products and here lies their key to success. Every weld is hand-made and polished. The manufactures test and certify every part to give their clients a superior quality experience. In this way, they ensure the highest satisfaction with their home and professional espresso grinders and other accessories. 

Technological Excellence

The manufacturers craft the grinders from high-quality polished aluminium, giving them a gorgeous and vintage look. The handy portafilter support fork offers an easy hands-off operation and precise filling. It also includes a black and a natural coloured wooden lid, making it blend in with any surroundings. 

The Concept of the Brand: Innovation is a tradition

Their concept is that innovation is tradition. Even the founder also believed that people need to improve and develop themselves. Otherwise, time will remove them. Their Bellezza selection from the espresso grinders, machines, and other accessories are not only individualized by their top-notch design and high-quality standards but also designed with innovative and highly technical features. And, it is why the popularity of these products are still high since their founding. 

Our Bellezza Home Coffee Grinder Range

Our premium quality Bellezza home coffee grinder range includes a  Stunning E61 PID Coffee Machine & Electronic Grinder Package  and  Bellezza Piccola 60 Titanio V2

Stunning E61 PID Coffee Machine & Electronic Grinder Package 

This package adds a wow factor to our store. It is a beautiful and complete home barista set-up. This package includes a custom Bellezza Chiara Coffee Machine, and you probably know how awesome it is. 

This machine is a full heat exchanger and comes with a PID control, very strong steam pressure, shot times, programmable pre-infusion, E61 group head, programmable auto-sleep function, full stainless steel construction, BWT water filter attachment in the tank, easy flick lever, Designed & Developed In Heidelberg Germany. 

Also, it has the all-new Bellezza Piccola Titanio which is Super quiet & Super Quick having 64 Mm Titanium burrs. Also, you will get 2 precision milk Milk jugs & Chocolate Shaker, Bellezza Stainless Steel knock draw, and many more.

Bellezza Piccola 60 Titanio V2

This espresso grinder is for the home barista with micrometrical grind adjustment and time-based programming for a single and a double shot. In this grinder, manual reference is also possible. The Piccola is not only suitable for the entry-level, but also for the professional home barista.


  • Titanium 60mm Flat Burrs

  • Bean container capacity: 250g Bean

  • Grinding speed 1.3-2.2g per/sec

  • Two programmable buttons (time-based)

  • Container material: glass

  • Aluminium coffee spout

  • 200W Motor

  • Grinder Sound: 80-83 decibels

  • Aluminium body

  • Micro-metric worm screw grind adjustment

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Buy a Bellezza home coffee grinder at  Di Pacci Coffee Company. Our range of supreme quality coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. Also, you may  contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you!