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3 products

Rocket Commercial Coffee Machine

Rocket is a well-known name in the coffee machine industry. It manufactures the finest espresso machines following the tradition of ‘Fatto a Mano’, which means ‘made by hand’. Their professionals produce both premium domestic and commercial espresso machines. Their expertise and attention to detail increase the aestheticism of this machine and give it an eye-catching look. 

Moreover, they express their happiness and pride by saying that the Rocket espresso machine will not stop delivering the finest espresso in the cup, time after time.


The history of the Rocket brand is unique and different from others. It does not follow the conventional path of an Italian business. The true story of this brand is quite interesting. In 2007, the financially troubled Italian brand ECM purchased this company by two New Zealanders, Andrew Meo and Jeff Kennedy. They were responsible for the distribution of the ECM brand in New Zealand before taking control of the failing company. And over time, it developed and made a renowned position in the coffee machine industry. 

About the Company

When Andrew Meo and Jeff Kennedy started distributing the products, they were highly impressed by these machines. They decided to acquire the ECM brand before it failed after hearing the melancholic situation of the company. In this situation, Italian Daniele Berenbruch associated with them. 

After some time, the company was rebranded Rocket Espresso and started producing quality espresso machines. Over years, this brand became so strong that it took the heart of every customer. And everyone claimed it as being the best domestic machine available in the market today.

The brand ensures the popularity of the machines by adding an intensive development programme to the machine. It includes fully saturated multi boiler machines in the R 9V / R 9 and also adds dual boiler saturated group machines in the Doppia range. Besides, the manufacturers start putting the same efforts and attention to the manufacturing of traditional machines like REA time and boxer range, using only the highest level of components available to the industry. And, it is how the Rocket becomes one of the most demanding espresso machines in recent days. 

Our Rocket Commercial Coffee Machine Range

Our high-end Rocket commercial coffee machine range includes  Rocket Espresso REA Commercial Espresso Machine, Rocket Espresso R9 Commercial Espresso Machine, and Espresso Boxer 2 Group Commercial Coffee Machine Shot Timer.

Rocket Espresso REA Commercial Espresso Machine

It is a brilliant handmade espresso machine produced with the very best materials in the Milan factory. This machine utilises digitally adjustable pressure transducer technology to confirm minimum brewing control. It believes that temperature plays an essential role in the design of an espresso machine. This machine has a superior thermosiphon system architecture for optimal temperature stability and performance. 


  • Stainless steel finish

  • 14.5L copper boiler

  • 86mm or 120mm cup height

  • Cool touch stainless steel steam wand

  • The shot timer comes standard

Also available in 3 group

Rocket Espresso R9 Commercial Espresso Machine

Rocket is a highly recognized and efficient espresso coffee machine that allows Baristas to showcase their talent through every perfect cup of coffee. Also, its design is ideal to meet the movement of the industry. This sleek multi boiler with saturated groups allows the user to control necessary factors for the development of flavour.


  • Each Group is PID controlled and can be incrementally adjusted by +/- 0.1 degree

  • Stainless Steel multi boiler system with fully saturated group head

  • A clever ergonomic design with an extended work platform, steam levers and a low profile

  • Brew Boiler capacity 1.9 Litres Steam/service boiler capacity: 2 Group 9 Litre/ 3 Group 12.7 Litre

  • Featuring LED digital shot timers and group head temperature displays


  • The R9 is a stainless steel multi boiler system with a fully saturated group head

  • Steam/service boiler capacity: 2 Group: 9 Litre / 3 Group: 12.7 Litre

  • Independent steam boiler to maintain high quality for milk texturing

Espresso Boxer 2 Group Commercial Coffee Machine Shot Timer

This machine is an ideal option for businesses with space limitations. The Boxer from Rocket Espresso is premium quality and compact coffee machine that combines the specifications necessary to produce espresso without compromise, retaining style and finish not normally found in a compact machine.


  • Cool touch steam wands

  • Illuminated touchpad keys

  • 13.2L copper boiler

  • Easy open-close steam valves

  • Manual override function

  • 96mm and 112mm cup heights

  • Temperature adjust for hot water

  • Automatic shot timer

  • Automatic backflush cycle

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