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3 products

Victoria Arduino 

Victoria Arduino was born in the early ‘900s during a period of great cultural, social, and industrial transformation. It’s where the idea came into existence to build something unique, innovative, and quality.  The company took the oath to promote fundamental features and progression by breaking free of the tradition. 


Since 1905, espresso experts have loved the Victoria Arduino. It was founded by Pier Teresio Arduino in the very same year and ever since the company has carved a rich heritage, becoming a leader within the coffee industry as true innovators of all things espresso. The idea that inspired the creation of the machine was the steam engine train and the concept of making coffee in the fastest way possible. Based in the heartland of the espresso revolution, technology has been at the forefront of everything that the Victoria Arduino has achieved the ultimate success. 

The first machine of the Piers company was called the “Victoria”. The name came from the beautiful love story of the owner and his beloved wife. He met her as a young man in Turin in 1905. The very fast machine was installed in one of the most prominent locations in the city, the very same coffee shop where he met his wife. But, what’s the reason behind calling his coffee machine “Victoria”? The answer is pretty simple: he believed his victory, or rather, an “Italian victory“, was the fruit of the efforts made to obtain it.

The espresso coffee machines and the trains are the inventions that slowly brought the perception of distance and time to change and bring the continents together. 

In 1922 Victoria Arduino invested in advertising. And, he was quite successful in that. The painter Leonetto Cappiello portrays an elegant traveller that leans off a running train while preparing an espresso with the Victoria Arduino. Cappiello was one of the most appreciated painters, designers, and poster artists and a mastermind of commercial manifestos. The Victoria Arduino manifest obtained incredible commercial success and constitutes as of today one of the essential pieces of graphic history worldwide.

And for this reason, the coffee was being prepared at high speed. The combined uniqueness of the client and the machine resembled the modern way of life and living. 

Function and Technology 

Since its inception, Victoria Arduino has always provided baristas with powerful espresso-making tools that also combine aesthetic beauty and innovative usability features. 

The cutting-edge technology among the high-end machines has made the Victoria Arduino more popular than the rest. The master craftsman and engineers help in sculpting, crafting, and manufacturing the machines. Baristas all over the world dream of having access to these machines. 

Every single machine produced by Victoria Arduino provides the exact tools and technologically advanced equipment. With it, the baristas can make the world's finest coffee with little to no effort. 

Trusted Company 

Victoria Arduino is indeed a genuine company that promises you quality and consistency. The company has set an example before the best baristas in the world. With their hardships and seriousness towards work, they have achieved what they were always looking for. Victoria Arduino takes this accolade incredibly seriously, and therefore have become the official partner of the World Barista Championship finals since 2015.

Everyone working in the company is dedicated and progressive. So, they have set their standards apart among all the coffee machine manufacturers within the coffee industry.

Our Victoria Arduino Coffee Machine Range

You can buy these three following products from our online store: Victoria Arduino White Eagle, Victoria Arduino Eagle One, Victoria Arduino Black Eagle.

# Victoria Arduino White Eagle

The new White Eagle by Victoria Arduino brings a unique touch to the coffee machine market. A truly powerful machine without the hefty price tag of some of its competitors. The White Eagle comes in either a single or multi boiler version. The White Eagle comes with a high group designed for tall cups.

# Victoria Arduino Eagle One

Eagle One is born in response to the new generation of coffee shops where Design, Performance and Sustainability are determining factors to create a pleasant and memorable experience.

# Victoria Arduino Black Eagle

The Black Eagle combines cutting edge technology with a sleek design to create an outstanding commercial coffee machine. The Black Eagle utilizes Victoria Arduino’s T3 technology that allows the barista to set 3 different temperature parameters; Water infusion, steam, and delivery to the group.

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