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14 products

Compak Commercial Coffee Grinder

Compak, a leading coffee grinder manufacturing company, was established in 1955 with the dream of producing supreme quality coffee grinders for coffee enthusiasts and coffee roasters. This company is the combination of passion and an unwavering Mediterranean standard. Compak has its 3000 m2 headquarters in Barcelona and offices in New Jersey, USA, and in Victoria, Australia, to have strong access. Also, this company conducts in more than 80 countries selling more than 500.00 units.

This brand has won the hearts of people by providing consistent quality, cultivating a standard product, and maintaining it over years. Each of their products meets the pre-set quality standard determined by the principal international certification laboratories. They concentrate on designs, ease of use, reliability, and durability and exceed this to new standards of quality. The manufacturers of Compak specialize in producing high range commercial coffee machines apt for all the professional baristas. 

History of the Company

In 1952, the journey of Compak began with the experience and technical expertise necessary for continuing the growth. At the contemporary time, they were still earning knowledge from the present state. In 1955, the idea was born, and Compak was established for the first time to be an expert in commercial coffee grinders productions. They strive to manufacture the best quality grinder since the establishment of Compak. Therefore, in the year 2001, they shifted their location to Bigues I Riells which is their present address.

In 2002, Ramon Benedito Studio assisted Compak in redesigning the new Espresso line. After collaborating with INEI (INSTITUTO NAZIONALE ESPRESSO ITALIANO) obtained the certification in 2004. In the very next year, they introduced the Gourmet and Home Line. Therefore, after collaborating with ECOTIC and ECOEMBES in 2006, they again launched Retail grinder Line the next year. In 2008, they inaugurated the Compak America office in New Jersey in the USA. Over time, Compak gained market penetration in 6o countries worldwide. In 2011, they introduced their first Fresh On-Demand models and opened its doors to their latest Coffee Lab facilities. Compak keeps growing its brand and adjusting to the new generation by including screen technology. And to date, they continue modifying themselves to hold the best position in the market. 

Technological Excellence 

The technical intelligence featured in the products confirm the optimum performance that deserves to be appreciated in the final result: grind quality. 

They use the same level of time in detailing attentively, guaranteeing a high range professional grind. Also, the inclusion of the latest technology advancements in design, measures, controls and electronics make the products more efficient. 

The manufacturers expressed that they combine with the most trusted and renowned industrial designers to create aesthetic and pleasing lines that can offer an impression of balance in their products. 

The Aim of Compak

They understand the significance of their company. And thus, they concentrate on their close relationship to the success of the business. The manufacturers aim to make the best quality products that reflect their growth and leadership in the target categories. Their efficient strategy of innovation and communication influences the market successfully. They strive to gain profitability by a high level of performance in each step of the value chain. This brand is representative of the quality and security of its products. 

Our Compak Commercial Coffee Grinder Range

Our supreme quality Compak commercial coffee grinder range includes Compak R8, Compak R120, Compak K8 Silenzio PB Matte Black, and many more.

Compak R8

Compak R8 is a highly demanding commercial coffee grinder, featuring-

  • Micrometric regulation

  • Constructed of cast aluminium

  • Double ventilation system

  • Bag shaker extension

  • Turkish to French Press grind range


  • 1.1KG Hopper

  • 730W Motor

  • 80MM Burrs

  • 1325RPM

  • Weight / 22KG

  • HxWxD / 595 x 205 x 315 (MM)

Compak R120

This grinding machine features-

  • Micrometric regulation

  • Constructed of cast aluminium

  • Turkish to French Press grind range

  • Double ventilation system

  • Bag shaker extension


  • 1400RPM

  • 1000W Motor

  • 120MM Burrs

  • 2.2KG Hopper

Compak K8 Silenzio PB Matte Black

Features of these grinding machines are-

  • Motor with Fan

  • "Parallel System" grind regulator lock

  • Aluminium star doser with high efficiency sweepers


  • 1290RPM

  • 610W Motor

  • 83MM Burrs

  • Weight / 13KG

  • 1.7KG Hopper

  • HxWxD / 635 x 215 x 400 (MM)

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Order a super-efficient Compak commercial coffee grinder from our Di Pacci Coffee Company. Our high-end coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. Also, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you and give you an apt solution!