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4 products

Anfim Commercial Coffee Grinder

Anfim is a leading coffee grinder company. Their premium espresso grinders show their dedication and love for the traditionally prepared espresso with its pleasing aroma and inspiring taste. Their emotion for their works gets reflected through the quality products. They test each of their products to ensure the best coffee experience for their clients. This company operates at “the heart of a good coffee”. They avail their product for both households and coffee bars around the world every single day.

This brand understands that they have to cover the individual need. And, it is why the manufacturers design a grinding solution that is tailor-made to fulfil everyone’s requirements. 

About the Company

The manufacturers of Anfim commercial coffee grinders flaunt their technical expertise and their love for espresso and its preparation through the production of super-efficient espresso grinders for households and espresso bars. If you visit their product portfolio, you will see a wide range of espresso grinders from the lowest up to the highest daily workloads. They know your needs and thus they provide something that can adjust to everywhere, every time. 

The manufacturers are dedicated to meeting even the most specific demands of any quality-conscious barista. They also provide a set of additional functionalities, like the stepless grind adjustment or the active cooling system to please each of their customers, no matter how complicated it is.

According to the users, their approved Anfim dosers are the best on the market. Also, you can rely on these dosers even under the highest everyday stress at a heavily frequented cafe. You will never get disappointed by its efficiency. Anfim also offers their grind-on-demand” models for those people who value freshly ground coffee beans. 

They express that they want to spread the authentic taste of coffee worldwide by producing extraordinary and easy-to-use coffee grinders, and distributing them through reputable retailer shops. The company combines their technical know-how and passion for Italian espresso tradition with a great value for money, staying within its range of express grinders. And no doubt, they got success in this. 

Origin of the Company

They love to keep in contact with the local traditional barista scene as it encourages them to produce the most accurate and reliable grinders on the market. 

Espresso Tradition

Anfim has achieved unique expertise in the perfect espresso grinding and classic Italian espresso preparation within more than 50 years.

Passion for grinding

They have dedicated themselves to the high-class engineering and manufacturing of coffee grinders to meet the requirements of demanding baristas all around the world. 

Our Anfim Commercial Coffee Grinder Range

Our super-efficient Anfim commercial coffee grinder range includes Anfim SP II Plus, Anfim SCODY II, and Anfim Pratica

Anfim SP II Plus

It is one of the high demanding grinders that includes an Anfim dosing chamber and delivers a clean, consistent dose centred into the portafilter basket while utilising the on-demand practice with the ease of adjusting grind time via the OMRON timer.


  • Comes in black or white

  • Stepless grind adjustment

  • User-friendly software

  • Dual fan system stabilizes the internal temperatures

  • Digital Omron timer with 100/second incremental adjustments


  • Motor: 720 Watts

  • 75 mm Titanium burr set

  • 650 rpm

  • 2KG hopper

  • Weight 20kg

  • Dimensions ( w x d x h) mm: 195 x 575 x 370


The perfect option for medium volume coffee shops! Its on-demand species features professional grinding and precise dosing on demand.

The Characteristics of this Grinder

Burr material: Hardened steel

Watt: 450

RPM: 800 rpm

Bean hopper capacity: 2,0 kg

Net weight: 14.1 kg

Shipping weight: 15.6 kg

Voltage / Frequency / Phase*: 220-240/50/1

Burr diameter: 75 mm

Grinding capacity: 2-3 kg/day

Colour option**: White/Black, Black/Black

Grinding time for single espresso: 3.2 s

Dimensions (w x h x d): 195 x 575 x 370 mm

Anfim Pratica

PRATICA belongs to the Anfim company and combines traditional Italian design and taste with fresh on-demand grinding. It offers a hands-free operation through start-stop-automation and is equipped with a user-friendly interface that gives presets for individually programmable recipes. The unique features of these grinding machines make it preferable to the users. 

The redesigned grinding discs geometry, sustainable built quality and the new smooth stepless grind adjustment and mesmerizing look have made Pratica a top choice for demanding professional baristas.  

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Buy a super-efficient Anfim commercial coffee grinder from our Di Pacci Coffee Company. Our high-end coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. Also, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you and give you an apt solution!