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21 products

Mazzer Commercial Coffee Grinder

Nowadays, coffee culture is at its optimum state. People are going crazy for having the authentic and traditional taste of coffee. The people from the family of Mazzer coffee company take pride in assisting over a million baristas to prepare the best of coffees with the help of over a million Mazzer coffee grinders. This day has not come by one day’s hard work. It took years of experience with thorough hard work of the people associated with this brand from the very beginning. Across decades, they have optimized their resources, refined and modified their knowledge and skill, and spent uncountable sleepless nights focusing on their capabilities on crafting the grinding machine featuring the best qualities. 

History of Mazzer

Mazzer is a family-based coffee company founded in the countryside near Venice. It was established as a precision machine workshop between the two World Wars. But unfortunately, no one could call it “Mazzer”. Ultimately, in the year of 1948, when Luigi Mazzer started manufacturing professional-grade coffee grinders and burrs, it got its true identity and the name “Mazzer”. 

Luigi Mazzer was born in 1912 and stayed at the helm of the company. But after several years, his son Giovanni took over the company in 1988. He had a degree in electrical engineering. And it is why he became more efficient for boosting exports and expanding the research and development necessary for the growth of the brand. 

But now, with hard work and following true ethics, this company has reached a great position in the coffee grinder manufacturing industry. Today, they export over 80% of their volume and Mazzer grinders in 100 countries across five continents. 

About the Company

Mazzer is a well-established company mastering coffee grinders and burrs. Across decades, they have gained enough knowledge, elevated technological excellence, collected knowledge, refined the resources, and crafted the perfect coffee grinding machine. The motto of the company is to produce supreme quality equipment for the coffee sector. The professional, dependable, and functional structuring range of their product can match and anticipate the needs of the market. Therefore, they improve it through continuous product innovation that makes it stand unique through its performance and quality. Also, the manufacturers and the people associated with this brand produce these grinders and other coffee accessories efficiently without disrespecting the environment, people, and the community.

Mazzer, a reputable coffee grinding brand, has the capacity for high production with the help of a highly proficient team of technicians, as well as a workshop with the latest machinery and technologies. It allows them to manufacture the most complicated components that are then transformed into simple tools for the barista. 

Mazzer is not only known for assembling the parts properly. Also, they internally design and produce all components related to the grinding process to confirm the highest level of quality and durability of the grinders and burrs manufactured by this brand. 

Our Mazzer Commercial Coffee Grinder Range

Our highly efficient and powerful Mazzer commercial coffee grinder range includes Mazzer Mini Manual, Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro Electronic, Mazzer Mini Electronic A, Brand New Mazzer Robur Automatic, and many more. 

Mazzer Mini Manual

Mazzer Mini Manual is one of the best grinders in the market. This grinding machine features-

  • 58MM Blades

  • 250-watt motor

  • Weight: 10 Kg

  • 600g Hopper

  • Doser for dispensing coffee grounds

  • Micrometrical grinding adjustment

Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro Electronic

It is an electronic grinder-doser with flat blades suitable for medium consumption. This grinder is best for small to medium-sized cafés looking for quality, durability and consistent results. Besides, its easy operation and advanced functionalities make it a barista favourite. 

Mazzer Mini Electronic A

Arguably the best grinder on the market for the professional barista. This is also a favourite in cafes as a second grinder for single origins or decaf. 


  • 600g Hopper

  • 250-watt motor

  • 64MM Blades

  • Weight: 10 Kg

  • Micrometrical grinding adjustment

Brand New Mazzer Robur Automatic

The go-to grinder for busy cafe’s; It features a powerful motor and big conical blades. Recommended for cafes with high coffee consumption. 


  • Burrs: 71mm Conical

  • Net Weight: 30KG

  • Colours: Black or Silver

  • Motor: 900W

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Order a highly efficient Mazzer commercial coffee grinder from our Di Pacci Coffee Company. Our high-end coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. Also, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you and give you an apt solution!