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9 products

Macap Commercial Coffee Grinder

Macap is one of the leading Italian coffee brands. It has been manufacturing premium quality coffee grinders and coffee machines since 1930. Their quality product mirrors the efficiency and expertise of their craftsmen. Macap shows the path of innovation and modification through hard work, experience and knowledge. Each of their products is highly efficient and appropriate for commercial use and to meet the needs of different customers. Its advanced features will always bring smiles to the faces of its customers. 

About the Company

The Macap is an acronym that represents Macina Caffè Petiziol. At the end of the ‘80s, it took this name. The third generation of this brand is running this company today. In 1930, Ottorino Petiziol established this company with great passion and enthusiasm. At that time, it was his mechanical workshop in the Venetian hinterland.

The primary focus of this company was the production of coffee grinders and equipment for bars. They wanted it to complement a small foundry (still used for small batches). Their journey had been started till the date. 

The very first horizontal dispenser was born in this brand. This event was significant for the subsequent development of other products and equipment in this sector. 

After the first generation, the brothers Luigi and Antonio, the flag bearers of the second generation, collected the essential original technical background and, remodified them to enhance their quality and looks. They incorporate several components to the contemporary innovations to better them. 

The grandchildren Susanna and Marco are the present face of the company and follow the same ethics. They also implemented the original tradition to hold the authenticity of their brand in their products. They want rooted specialization and high industrialization to run simultaneously. 

After this evolution, the result is the qualitative improvement of all the products, including coffee grinders and other equipment for the processing of coffee. Also, it promotes more and more requests overseas, where the consumption and the culture of coffee has a quicker rate of growth than the Italian market. But, they do not want to stop here, and thus, they characterize it by a still more traditional market.

This elevation in the market enables Macap to work with more than 70 countries overseas in recent times. They offer an extensive selection of products beginning from traditional coffee grinders, instant grinders (the first Italian company to have such a large range of models), up to dynamometric tampers (patented). And this creation and distribution are very significant for Macap’s innovation capacity.

Our Macap Commercial Coffee Grinder Range

Our premium quality Macap commercial coffee grinder range includes MACAP MXK, MACAP MXD, MACAP MXA, MACAP M7K, and many more.


MACAP MXK is the latest addition to the Macap grinders! This mid-sized conical grinder is an ideal option for any cafe or restaurant that requires absolute quality, reliability, and consistency. It has a fine grind adjustment, large hopper, and automatic stop in the dosing chamber that make it more efficient.


  • Coffee bean container capacity - 1,4kg

  • 350W motor power

  • Grinding blades - Ø 63mm


The Macap MXD uses a powerful 340-watt motor that turns at 1600 rpm to drive the large 75mm burrs. This combination causes quick and consistently ground coffee. It also minimizes the amount of heat the ground coffee is used to get which reduces the flavour. Moreover, this grinding machine has an easy to read blue LCD screen to select between dosing sizes (single, double, & manual)


The MACAP MXA is the latest addition to the Macap grinders! This mid-sized grinder is an apt one for any cafe or restaurant that requires absolute quality, reliability, and consistency. The MXA has a fine grind adjustment, large hopper, and automatic stop in the dosing chamber. The robust doser is fully adjustable to suit all filter basket sizes. 


  • Flat burrs

  • Blade/Burr Size: 65mm

  • 340W motor power


The Macap M7K grinder is powerful. Size is not the only thing it excels at though, 400 watts of energy power the M7K, and conical 68mm burrs chop your beans for a perfect grind. Its stepless grind settings mean that you can make small adjustments to find a suitable grinder for you.


  • Conical burrs

  • 800w motor power

  • Blade/Burr Size: 68mm

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Order a highly efficient Macap commercial coffee grinder from our Di Pacci Coffee Company. Our high-end coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. Also, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you and give you an apt solution!