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Niche Zero White - Pre Order Now ( September Shipping )

Great Cleaner for Group Head

Easy to use and very effective cleaner!

ECM Classika PID
Works as good as it looks

Single boiler beauty! Unless you have a big need to brew and steam at the same time, this single boiler works a treat. I make milk based drinks every time. I find it slightly quicker to steam milk first and then cool the machine back down to brew temp (pump on steam valve open - takes around 5 seconds. Otherwise you pull the shot and then wait a minute or so for it to heat up before it’s ready to steam. Any way it’s a lot of fun and beats my old capsule machine.

Elements Blend

Beautiful crema, and nice and smooth flavour. Great way to start the day.

Dipacci Coffee Co. Signature Blend 1KG

Melitta Caffeo Melitta Machine Cleaning Set Liquid & Tabs

Judd Mckenna
My 4th DIP, but........

This one however did not come with the DIP DKS 65 LOGO on the back of the unit

Great Grinder

The grind consistency has made a huge difference in my shots. Highly recommend.

Great product

Easy to install, easy to use.

Suit more for expresso making

This grinder suits more for expresso making and less for filter brewing. Now i am considering BWT water filters

Easily my favourite grinder

I have used many commercial grinders over the years, but this is hands down my favourite grinder aside from a Mahlkonig EK43 I used for a while when working as a Barista. This little grinder really is a work of art, it performs like a workhorse, is super easy to keep clean and has next to zero retention. Something I wasn't prepared for is how quiet this is compared with other home grinders. Personally living in an apartment complex, something I'm conscious of when waking up at 5am to make myself a coffee was the noise while grinding my beans, I never had any complaints, but there was a nervous feeling in the back of my head every time I went to grind my beans, this little guy has truly put my mind at ease in this respect as it is easily half the volume of any other grinder I've owned. Paired with a Profitec Pro 700 V2 and some decent beans, the coffee shots I am producing are truly stunning. Highly recommended from a performance and aesthetic standpoint. I can't comment on dealings with the company itself or the long term reliability, but if this lasts me 5-10 years - I would say it is worth every cent.


Great coffee. full flavour, lovely creme

San Marino Lisa 1 Group
Jeanette Fitzsimmons

We love it


A very nice blend, deserving of the name “Signature”.

Great Grinder Although...

It arrived with a damaged (couriers fault) hopper which sender replaced, and was dirty (senders fault). The grinder itself is great, and does as expected.

niche zero grinder

if you are big fan of conical grinder for home use, this is what you are after!!
this grinder is very quiet and has low retention compared with commercial grade grinder.
Also, this one is well matched with light~medium roasted specialty grade or single origin coffee.

So worth it !!

Extremely happy with my Niche Grinder, feels sturdy, looks better up close, the perfect grind, fluffy with no clumps and has made my favourite beans taste even better, the simplicity of use is a winner, took only two tweaks of the dial to get the grind size spot on, so glad I took the plunge, it’s definitely worth the hype.

Cleaning coffee machine

Quick, easy efficient way to obtain the products I needed for cleaning my Melitta Coffee Machine. Will order the same way here when next I need them

Great Grinder

Very Quiet, but didn't seem as fast as others claim, but a quick email, and DiPacci sorted it out very quickly!
Extremely fast shipping from Di Pacci too!
Very helpful!

Nice machine good online shopping experience

Got my new eureka grinder from Di Pacci. Good first impressions on this grinder. Quiet operation and consistent grind. Great online shopping experience and fast delivery.

Precision Coffee Distributor 58mm

Brilliant distribution solution, has plenty of weight to it. Quality product.

My favourite beans

Coffee is a very personal thing…you keep trying until you find a bean that YOU like, regardless of everyones comments. But this for me is superb, and I have a long black with a bit of milk…beautiful!

Compak A8 burrs

Haven’t fitted them yet, but they look fine

Elements Blend 1kg

Very happy

Really happy with the grinder and great price