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Anthony Torres
Rocking the pour over!

We highly recommend the Nucleus Paragon for all your pour over need! 🔥

Quick delivery!


most delicious ESE pod coffee i’ve tasted in a long long time.
smooth, punchy with a delightful lingering after-taste.
5 stairs, as the irish would say …

Alternative Milk Jugs

They are to hard to read sadly. Feel like I have wasted my money

Favourite coffee blend on the internet- love the caramel notes

MiiR Flip Travel Tumbler, 12oz

Great little milk frothing jug

Very practical having the Température gauge pn

Very pleased with the lever Elektra

The lever Elektra I bought is very well made and very easy to use. Of course, the capacity is greater than the La Pavoni Leva, so one has to wait longer for it to be ready, Compensations are that the coffee is much hotter, and having the red button on the right is a big improvement. The pouring aperture is very practical. The most important thing, though, is to pour water to the top of the tube and no further. An excellent product. And it arrived safely too. Jeremy Nathan

Great product, easy to use

Very easy to set up, fully automatic, auto foaming with just a tube, and very easy to clean.
We have been happy with this product.

Cafello Tutto Junior V2
Margaret Pilkington
Cafello Tutto Junior V2. Purchased from Di Pacci.

Great service. Great machine for home use. Di Pacci were very helpful. Thanks team!!!

Di Pacci's Finest 4kg Coffee Beans Only For $99.95

Simply the BEST espresso from my Rancilio Sylvia Pro

Just the BEST espresso you could wish for and flat white’s are a dream! . . What with the computer processing on servicing and trouble-finding it’s going to work like a dream. Rancilio, you’ve done it again! 🤗✨☕️🤩

A very capable grinder for espresso

This has been a good step up from our previous breville grinder. The baratza is capable of far finer grinds, and has almost zero retention, solving our main issues. Getting the right settings dialed in, has become much easier, although. now I’m finding just how much changes in humidity can effect things. What can ya do 🙄.
In some ways it seems a little basic, but in all the ways that count it does a great job, and very happy I bought it.

Excellent machine

Beautiful elegant, excellent coffee

Good going

It's perfect, thank you very much

Great Signature Blend

nice flavor great brew


tamper is great it make my shots precise
thank you every much
cheers simon

Quick delivery amazing tasting coffee


Bro, forget baratza, forget the niche, forget everything. This grinder is bang for buck the best grinder ever. The sweetest transparent flavoured coffee ever, this will make any home coffee enthusiast bite their bottom lip with the utmost affection of their espresso creation, thinking “why would I ever buy a cafe coffee ever?”

Well done varia. Although, it’s a shame I have 2x v1s (1 in each country) when the v2 was released and improved only 6months later.

Excellent expresso grind

Does a very consistent expresso grinds, especially when you consider that many more expensive machines are similar. Found it very easy to clean, as in remove top half of Burr set, to brush out before storing.

Great Coffee

The mystery blend was had great flavor I'm now a convert to Dipacci Coffee.

Cinoart PT2

A great automatic tamper for home that rivals the Puqpress for features. You can program 3 buttons independantly with up to 3 tamps with varying pressures. eg one tamp at 15kg followed by another at 5kg. It is the only one that has a self levelling system so if the forks aren't quite level then that is taken care of but with others if the forks aren't level then you don't get a level tamp. It isn't as compact as the Puqpress and I can't speak on longevity but it is solidly built and provides amazing consistency.

Amazing thank you

Knock box

Well made, perfect for the caravan but would be a little small for home.