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Cafello coffee machines are uniquely designed for ease of use, efficiency, and functionality. The machine is an excellent choice for busy locations where people don’t have time to focus on preparing coffee for others. The Cafello coffee machines have all the necessary features to make marvellous creamy espresso shots every time. Now, making tasty and rich espresso is easy. Installing it in cafes, restaurants, bars, and home is the ultimate solution. 

Features and Technology

Cafello coffee machines are the epitome of innovation. It has a light-up touchscreen display along with other modern facilities. It can be used to set the parameters, including shit time, grind time, language, brew boiler temperature, and more. The Conical burr grinder is located at the top of the coffee machine that grinds the bean - releasing all the flavours. The grinder grinds directly into the group handle. It also has an in-built tamper. With a gentle pull of a lever, the tamper flattens the coffee grounds smoothly and perfectly. Steam milk and pour the ground beans - enjoy a rich, creamy, sophisticated coffee.  

Our Cafello Coffee Machine Range 

Our Cafello Coffee Machine range includes  Cafello Tutto V2Tutto Hopper Extention, Cafello Tutto Junior Home Coffee Machine,  Cafello Tutto Office, and  Cafe Tutto Handle.

# Cafello Tutto V2

The all-in-one machine takes all of the hard work out of making beautiful espresso. It’s an impressive solution for bars and restaurants. Automating the tamping process makes for far better coffee shot consistency than tamping manually. You can control the entire machine automatically with their exclusive design and touchscreen display. 


  • It has a dual boiler.

  • A Quieter Conical burr grinder with 300W motor.

  • You can adjust the grinder more accurately than V1.

  • The coffee machine has an in-built tamper 5x stronger than V1.

  • Touchscreen display and more accurate brewing interface than V1.

  • PID (Adjustable brew boiler temperature up to 100 Degree)

  • High groups; Adjustable to low group

  • Hot water outlet (For teas and long blacks) and steam wand

  • Stronger Inlet Solonoid

  • The tray can be plumbed if needed

  • The discharge goes straight to the tray

  • Stronger rubber feet

  • Newly designed steam and hot water tap from Italy


  • 100g hopper ( Can be upgraded to 500gm)

  • Single and Double shot porta-filter

  • Weight: 25KG

  • Dimensions with portafilter (WxDxH): 560 x 600 x 430 mm

# Tutto Hopper Extention

This is an extension to upgrade your current hopper to a 500gm hopper for Cafello V1 & V2.

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# Cafello Tutto Junior Home Coffee Machine

The Cafello Tutto Junior is the baby model of the Tutto. Combining all of the excellent features of the Tutto into a machine designed for use at home. The Tutto Junior is an all-in-one coffee machine with an in-built tamper and conical burr grinder. The Tutto Junior grinds directly into the porta-filter and creates a perfectly creamy espresso shot all by itself, every time!

The Tutto Junior has a milk steam wand so you can texture the milk the way you like. You can operate the entire machine from a touchscreen display including, programming of the coffee dosage, language setting and more.


  • Conical burr grinder

  • In-built tamper

  • Touchscreen display

  • Milk Steamer wand

  • Anti-slip feet

  • Hot water outlet (For teas and long blacks)

  • Programmable dosage

  • Drip tray

  • Cup tray

# Cafello Tutto Office

Brand New Cafello Tutto Office Coffee Machine for Home/Office just $1499 ($1999 RRP). Price includes GST.

# Cafe Tutto Handle

We have two different handles available for Cafello Tutto.

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