5 products

5 products

Sanremo Commercial Coffee Machine

Sanremo commercial coffee machine is a combination of design, technology, and passion. It is the product of an Italian family that looks out of the world and has no limitations. Their only motto is to reach coffee shops all over the world.

They take pride in their machines as they consider these to be the embodiment of Sanremo values- reliability, technology, and courage. They strive to give you the most suitable machine to make your dream coffee shop come true. 

The Sanremo community is a natural extension of this company because they do not only make machines but also build experiences. From the first day of their journey, they have been believing in sharing because it is a part of their DNA. And, it is why they focus on what their clients are thinking about their products and services. 

Expanded Network

The team of Sanremo is well-aware of the fact that in which areas their creations are in high demand. And, they know how to expand their business more and more and spread their roots worldwide. It is why they set up a sales network to keep an eye on every minute update and changes in the markets. It works hand in hand with end customers and shares the same passion. And the remarkable result is in front of everyone.

Technical Excellence

This brand also prioritizes development in terms of technologies and features. They are always up for pushing beyond their boundaries to produce something innovative and unique. 

This experimental urge allowed them to form an efficient, skilled, experienced, and bold R&D division. They also develop extraordinary technology solutions in our flagship machines. Their manufacturers spend days after days using innovative materials, designed on purpose to ensure the best performance in every process. They aim to create the most sophisticated control systems on the market to allow the baristas to explore more.

Our Sanremo Coffee Machine Range

Our high-end Sanremo commercial coffee machine range includes Sanremo Zoe Competition, Sanremo Opera, Sanremo F18, and Sanremo Cafe Racer

Sanremo Zoe Competition

It gives an exceptional value with excellent performance and modern style. Its external appearance is a brand innovation in the coffee machine industry. The machine is built with a monocoque that gives the machine unmatched strength and style. 

Besides, this machine calibrates the water temperature aiming for the bulk of drinks to be served close to 91°c which is the perfect heat for making espresso. Thus you can say that it is a priceworthy machine one must-have. 


  • Unique monocoque construction

  • Heat exchanger system with thermosyphon circulation

  • Raised or standard group heads

  • Selectable pre-infusion and volumetric pour

  • Available in Red, Black, or Ivory

Sanremo Opera

The Opera is the ultimate experience for the cutting-edge barista. It has three different fully programmable stages of infusion via a Controlled Delivery System which allows you to obtain the perfectly balanced extraction for any kind of coffee.

There are so many features that make this machine preferable to every barista. From its construction and internals to its precision ratio functionality- you can rely on this machine to bring the authentic taste of coffee.


  • Exclusive CDS system (Control Delivery System)

  • Great ergonomics, amazing details, and innovative materials

  • Independent temperature regulation

  • Specific Pressure Drive mechanic pump

  • Equipped with an ASUS tablet

  • Fitted with Competition Filters

Sanremo F18

Sanremo F18 is a highly demanding espresso machine because of its unique designs and excelling performance. This machine has several features that make it apart from the rest. These are-

Realtime Stability Group: It allows accurate maintenance of the set temperature.

Realtime Stability: This gives constancy in the electronically controlled temperature (± 0.2 °C).

Soft Pre-infusion: It has a flow active system to control the water flow and pre-infusion time precisely.

Stainless Steel “Cold Touch”: Provides stunning look with anti-burning feature fitted with “Latte Art”.

Energy Saving System: It helps to save up to 30% of energy.

Sanremo Cafe Racer

A game-changer product to the coffee machine industry! It combines Sanremo’s high-quality components and technology with an awesome look that makes for one powerful coffee machine. Its inspired designs show love for Motorbikes, symbolize personalization, freedom, and character.


  • Flowactive system for precise control of the water flow and pre-infusion time

  • Volumetric pump to confirm high and constant pressure in all conditions

  • Adjustable tray height (6oz to 16oz cups)

  • Electronic pressure switch sensor

  • Energy-saving system

  • Equipped with a digital display

  • 4 different profiles for each group

  • Programmable electronic pre-infusion, and so on.

Our Other Coffee Machine Range

We also offer many other premium quality coffee machines to make your coffee experience more pleasurable. Other coffee machine range includes Nuova Simonelli Coffee Machine, La Pavoni Coffee Machine, Isomac Coffee Machine,  Bellezza Coffee Machine, Dalla Corte Coffee Machine, Cafello Coffee Machine, Bezzera Coffee Machine, ECM Coffee Machine, Rancilio Coffee Machine, and many others. 

Buy a Sanremo commercial coffee machine at Di Pacci Coffee Company. Or, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you!