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24 products

Knock Box/Tube  

Used coffee grounds get stinky with time and make the coffee station dirty and messy. It clogs the portafilter of your coffee machine and interferes with the brewing process. Because of this, it’s essential to immediately clean the puck. The most convenient way to do this is by using a coffee knock box or tube. A knock box is a small bin made exclusively for disposing of the used coffee beans.  After brewing a cup of coffee, you clean the filter by knocking the puck out of the filter into a box. Coffee puck remains wet after brewing; hence they quickly get stuck to the bottom of the filter, so it gets difficult to scoop out. Besides, it can be hot, especially right after brewing. So, investing in a knock box saves the day. Simply knocking your filter onto it dislodges the coffee grounds leaving you with a clean filter in seconds.

There are different types of knock boxes available including Plastic Knock Boxes, Stainless Steel Knock Boxes, Drawer-Style Knock Boxes, and more. Other than cleaning and maintaining there are other reasons to invest in it. 

The knock boxes are very convenient, especially when brewing coffee for a large group of people. You can empty the puck into a nearby container instead of running back and forth to the trash or sink. Knock boxes are responsible for keeping your surroundings clean. Emptying your coffee grounds in a bin may cause your trash to start dripping after some time, leaving you with an awful mess to clean up. Invest in a quality knock box to empty your filter and avoid all these problems. The knock box also reduces the damage to your portafilter. The size of the kitchen appliances also matters a lot. So, while buying a knock box, consider the area you have. Choose something that fits perfectly in your coffee station without messing things up.

From us, you can buy knock boxes and cleaning tubes made with the sturdy material as you will be banging the portafilter against it. We have exclusive collections of knock boxes at our store. It includes  Cafe Knockout Tube Medium,  Coffee Knock Bin Waste Tube Replacement Rubber Hose,  Concept Art Coffee Knockout Bin Grey,  Joe Frex Knock Box Drawer Exclusive,  Precision Knock Box,  Precision Knock Box White,  and more. 

# Joe Frex Knock Box Drawer

The Knock Box Drawer Exclusive SS is designed for commercial and home use. The Knock Box Drawer Exclusive SS is made of heavy stainless steel and features an inside slide rail. The aluminium knock bar is covered with food-grade silicone which sits firmly in place and can easily be removed for cleaning. It's extremely shock and noise absorbing due to its solid rubber feet and protects your work surfaces. 

The knock drawers are great for efficient and professional disposal of coffee grounds. These drawers are perfect and have solid support for grinders or domestic espresso machines, they are great space savers, unobtrusive and do not require any kind of installation.

# Cafe Knockout Tube Medium

Our Commercial Knock Out Tubes are made in Australia and offer great style and convenience for the busy barista. With a removable top, you can be sure that emptying coffee waste will be quick & simple with no mess or fuss. The high-density sleeve will ensure great durability and more importantly, won't damage your filter baskets.

# Incafe Knock Bin

Stainless steel coffee grinds waste bin, with neoprene base and durable/removable rubber bar for easy cleaning. Made to rigid specifications using high-grade materials, with detachable bar for easy cleaning, non-slip neoprene base & reinforced rubber bar to protect group handle. Ideal for home or small business use.

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All our items are made with high-quality materials and items. We don’t compromise during the construction of our products. Buy knock boxes or tubes from  Dipacci Coffee Company  today!