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6 products

Premium Cups & Mugs

With the advancement of coffee culture, people are becoming more precise about coffee accessories. It has been more than a mere habit. Coffee connects people from different communities and wreathes them in the thread of passion and love for coffee.

Only making coffee is not enough. Serving them in an eye-catching and premium crockery set is also essential while inviting guests or offering your customers at your restaurant. Cups and mugs must be top-notch as these are the first things that catch the eyes of the people. Also, the elegant, durable and stylish cups and mugs enhance the look of the entire ambience.  

Serve your perfectly made coffee with our wide range of high-end, beautifully and decoratively manufactured premium cups and mugs. Our collection of top quality and extremely elegant cups and mugs includes-  ECM Espresso Cups (Pack of 6),  La Marzocco Set of 6 Espresso Cups & Saucers,  Duralex Provence Duralex 6 Pack 90ml, and many more! 


ECM is a leading coffee company offering a wide range of high-quality espresso machines, grinders, and coffee products. They specialise in manufacturing top-notch coffee products and accessories with minute detailing. The experts provide professional equipment for the perfect espresso pleasure. This brand produces premium espresso accessories for household and cafe areas. With over 20 years of experience in the espresso business, they manufacture a wide range of coffee accessories like premium cups and mugs with heart and passionate handwork. 

It is their priority to provide the highest quality in workmanship, sophisticated technology and elegant design. And it is why premium cups and mugs from the ECM brand are some of the highly demanded products in our shop. 

ECM comprises a young, highly-motivated, and enthusiastic team. Their coffee product is apt for both domestic and commercial use. So, if you ever want to make your kitchen decorated and guests or customers feel wow, choose ECM cups and mugs. They manufacture these products at the production site in Milan. 

 La Marzocco

Since 1927, La Marzocco has been offering highly demanding cutting-edge and handmade coffee products. Baristas love these accessories because of their high rangeability to resist even after rough use. Throughout the 20th century, the coffee craze increased in Italy. And here, it was the time when La Marzocco introduced technological innovations, improved ergonomics, and barista tools by accomplishing industry standards on a higher level.

At La Marzocco, their professionals aim to encompass people, heritage, technology, design, and a spirit of sustainability in business by manufacturing the finest class and premium cups and mugs. They are dedicated to bringing a positive influence to their team, business, and customers as well. Their dream is to win the hearts of their customers with their handmade and efficient coffee accessories.

This brand always guides people to do the right things for the right reasons. They welcome the customers who have the curiosity to know the unknown. This attitude will help one to reveal the different perspectives and challenge the status quo. 

They are very passionate about defending their culture. This brand embraces this culture by combining it with modern advancements and technologies. This combination has broadened their path and opened up the scope to add something new and better.


Duralex has been a reputable specialist in the design and production of tempered glass tableware since 1945. And they used these supreme quality, highly break-resistant, and durable glasses for manufacturing coffee cups and mugs that enhance the charm of your residential and commercial kitchen. You can consider it synonymous with toughness, design and everyday practicality. Within the 10 years of 1960 to 1970, the Duralex brand expanded its name, and the products became familiar to millions of consumers around the world. The cafe owners and professional baristas across Australia prefer glass cups and mugs from this brand due to its extensive range and high-quality chip-resistant glasses.

Our Other Products

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We also offer a wide range of accessories, including  Milk Thermometer,  Milk Pitcher, Coffee Tamper, Coffee Machine Cleaner, and more. 

We guarantee that our high-end coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. So, purchase a stunning set of premium cups and mugs from Dipacci Coffee Company. We always value the quality of materials. You may  contact us  to acquire more info on our other products. We would love to hear from you!