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3 products

Wega Home Coffee Machine

Wega is an Italian based home coffee machine manufacturing company. It has Italian roots and cosmopolitan perspectives. They create high end and advanced coffee machines enhancing the passion, dedication, and competence of their team. They aim to make something that has design, manufacturing excellence, respect for nature, and quality in every cup. 

At Wega, they strive to offer coffee its optimal destination through assembling the fruits of work, competence, and constant research. A range of electronic, semi-automatic and manual machines is the innovation caused by their diligence. These machines are ideal for enclosing the most authentic essence of Italian espresso to satisfy every user. 


Their belief is quite different and unique from other coffee machine manufacturers. They aim to bring out the taste for excellence from a wise combination of innovation and history, respect for traditional roots, and a vision of the future. 


They offer technologically advanced and high-quality coffee machines. The highly-skilled manufacturers make distinguished products by a mark equivalent to personality. They create such high-end machines only for those baristas who love to convey themselves with character. Thus, their aim is to maintain reliability and develop their presence through applying their knowledge over years. 

This brand with technologic enthusiasts is known for its rebellious, curious and rocking nature. Their only mission is to serve their customers the best and protect the environment as well. They strive to protect the espresso coffee quality by respecting the nature of consumption in different countries to spread the sense of utmost authentic taste and tradition. 

Green Vision

Treviso, inaugurated in Susegana in 2007, is the core production centre of Wega. The flagship of the company operation covers a surface area of more than 20,000 m². And it makes the brand the single largest factory producing top-quality espresso coffee machines in the world.

The efficient utilisation of production lines incorporates automatic shutdown and anti-dispersion systems. Also, they have the best available market technologies for managing production waste. And, it allows them smart-reprocessing techniques for maximum recycling. Their highly efficient manufacturers have also innovated systems to restore materials used in the trial stage. This process even recovers and purifies the water used during the testing of the machines. Their contribution to mother nature extends to the proper and adequate use of lighting, with an illumination system ideated to self-adjust according to external light. They concentrate on heating and electricity consumption in general as well. They claim that this green vision is incomplete without the involvement of their employees, specific internal policies and the more than 150 hours of training they dedicate annually to the efficient use of energy sources.

This green vision was certified in 2009 when they first introduced their Green Line machines featuring energy-saving technology. The Wega-concept machine is the foremost model and brainchild of this brand. 


Wega machines transform engineering excellence found in nature into technology. The manufacturers concentrate on mixing all the aroma of the coffee into a visually perfect gesture. 

Our Wega Home Coffee Machine Range 

Our high-end Wega home coffee machine range includes Wega Mini Nova Classic and Wega Mini Nova.

Wega Mini Nova Classic

The Mini Nova Classic uses a big 2L heat exchanger boiler. It means you can do both coffee and steam at the same time without waiting anymore. 


  • Lever Action

  • 2L heat exchanger boiler

  • Shot mirror

  • E61 group head

Wega Mini Nova

Wega Mini Nova is a high-end coffee machine apt for making perfect, smooth and rich espresso to bring the authentic taste in every sip of the coffee. 


  • 1 group coffee machine

  • 1.5L inner tank

  • 2L boiler

  • Standard 88mm

  • Matt black or chrome finishes are available

  • Dimensions (mm): 485H x 445D x 335W

  • Weight (kg): 25

  • Inlet water pressure regulator

  • Direct connection to the water mains for water supply

  • Self-levelling boiler and standard tank

  • Decalcification system

  • A steam nozzle and a hot water dispensing nozzle, both manual and fitted with retro-style knobs

  • 3 vibration pumps: one on each unit and the third dedicated exclusively to the management of the boiler level

  • Upper cup-support grid with plexiglass

  • To increase the purism that differentiates the style of this machine, new wooden finishes were created for the water knob, steam knob, filter carrier and levers

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