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Cold brew coffee has received far more publicity in the last few years. Its entrance onto the menus of coffee shops and homes globally has piqued the interest of innumerable coffee drinkers. People view cold brew coffee either as the rediscovery of a historic method or as an invention of modern technology.  

Like other coffee trends, techniques, methodology, and concepts of cold brew travelled the world. It has also met the technical reimagining 0f the trends to bring the product to market especially in Australia. 

Coffee has become an art form in many countries all over the world. With competitions declaring the popularized latte art, best baristas, and to see coffee as its own art form. If you experience a lot of footsteps in your business it’s better to install the machines and economically support the business. Cold-brew coffee’s unique methodology and historical origins embody coffee artistry. 

Cold drip coffee is much faster. With quality coffee machines, you can make it faster and with superior quality. This is possible thanks to the continuous clean flow of drops that are absorbed by the grounds. In this way, the extraction is facilitated and the coffee that results is distinctly enhanced.

If you want to make cold drip coffee you can invest in your collective coffee-making apparatus:  Yama Glass Yama Top Beaker,  Toddy Toddy Commercial Brew System + Lift,  Toddy Toddy Cold Brew Filters - Pack Of 2,  Tiamo Cold Dripper Rocket - Tiamo,  and more. 

# Tiamo

Tiamo drippers are perfect to brew coffee by using the gentle yet effective pour over method. It promotes even extraction through the entire bed of coffee. The coffee filter features spiral grooves, a conical shape, and is made from quality ceramic for protective heat dispersion. It can be placed on a cup, a carafe, or a jug. 

Available in multiple colours to impart style and display pop of bright colour into your office premises. 

Brew Method:

1. Start by placing the filter into the brewer and rinse the filter thoroughly with hot water. 

2. Ask your barista to measure and add the coffee and start the timer and brew water evenly. 

3. After 30 seconds have elapsed on your timer, begin adding the rest of your water to the brewer; keep slow and even pour, moving in concentric circles from the centre outward. You can continue until adding the water as per your desired measurement. 

4. The total brew time should be around 3 minutes depending on your measurements. You can expect faster brew times and follow the time measurement as long as 5-6 minutes for bigger brews. 

# Toddy 

A Cold-brew system is a perfect compliment for an espresso-based business that helps you build customer loyalty. Variety is the spice of life and you can use Toddy’s products to elevate the full flavour of delicate coffees that are susceptible to scalding. The equipment provided by the TODDY BRAND skips the bitter bite that often accompanies traditional iced tea made with hot water. Cold brewing is ripe for experimentation. Create your own signature drink blends with concentrate with the help of Toddy.

You can brew your own coffee concentrate or design a proprietary spiced coffee. Your customers will be excited if you come up with something new and innovative. Customers who become avid users of the Toddy Cold Brew System will also need replacement filters and freshly ground coffee - they'll naturally want to buy these items from their favourite coffee shop.

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