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Quality Espresso Commercial Coffee Grinder

The brands manufactured by Quality Espresso have set a benchmark. The foodservice professionals who use these products consider them the best companions for professional baristas. Especially when it comes to commercial espresso and cappuccino coffee machines, no one can beat the powerful products of Quality Espresso.

The manufacturers associated with Quality Espresso express their dedication to their products and service. The professionals of the company design and manufacture machines elegantly. They traditionally craft the products for a perfect operation. The systems and processes of Quality Espresso comply with ISO 9001:15 for a better outcome. Their only goal is to satisfy their clients with their advanced featured products. 

About Quality Espresso

In Spain, the brands manufactured by Quality Espresso have already set a high limit in the eyes of professional foodservice providers and baristas.

Gaggia comes to mind first when it is about historic reasons. It is probably the first brand that will knock your brain while discussing the origin of Quality Espresso. Gaggia arrived in Barcelona in the year of 1952. It was almost four years after Achile Gaggia filed the patent for espresso coffee extraction in Italy. In Spain, a competitor landed in the shape of Faema in the year of 1956. The presence of these two brands in Barcelona visibly represented that Spain took part from the beginning in the expansion of Mediterranean espresso culture. 

Over time, many things changed during the course. The two-pillar entities, Gaggia and Faema got separated eventually from their parent companies. In the year of 1967, the former created a brand named Visacrem and started selling in export markets remaining under this brand. 

After a few years, a revolution took place again in the land. The latter established the Futurmat brand in 1978. And within a few times, this brand rapidly expanded to become the number one selling company in Spain. And people started recognizing it. 

One of the primary inventions to express technology was developed in the land of Barcelona. And it was the incorporation of vertical release electro-valves underneath the group heads. This inclusion became so popular at the contemporary time that their competitors are using this technique till the present time. 

In the year 2001, Quality Espresso purchased Gaggia and Faema. With the help of its headquarters in the Barcelona factory built by Faema in the 1960s, the Quality Espresso coffee company started selling espresso equipment around the world. Till then, it was under the brand names Futurmat, Gaggia, Visacrem, Italcrem and Mairali (the latter two brands having been created in 1957 and 1989 respectively).

Training Program for the Baristas

This coffee company is passionate about espresso and the accessories necessary to make this one perfect. They strive to contribute to a better coffee world through its different training programmes.

Technological Excellence and Connectivity

At Quality Espresso, Smartia is an intelligent and efficient connectivity system. This system allows the users to remotely manage and control machine efficiency and productivity. 

Our Quality Espresso Commercial Coffee Grinder Product

At our store, you will get super powerful Quality Espresso Q10

that belongs to the Quality Espresso commercial coffee grinder range. 

Quality Espresso Q10

The Q10 belonging to Quality Espresso is an outstanding commercial grinder that features some impressive qualities. It has a 3.5” touchscreen display that allows the user to easily program a single or double dose. This touch screen has a dose counter. It will alert you when you need to clean the grinding machine and change the burrs.

You can change this grind setting easily using the adjustment knob on the front of the grinder. This grinder can pull off some impressive grinding speeds and is rated up to 10KG of coffee production an hour!


  • USB port to transfer parameters, upload custom images, or software updates

  • Hardened steel grinding burrs

  • Adjustment knob to easily adjust the grind setting

  • Dose counter, cleaning cycle warning, parameter backup, grinding disks change warning

  • 3.5” touch screen for easy programming and customization

  • In-built tamper

  • Come in black or white


  • 525W motor

  • 8-10KG / hour

  • Weight: 16KG

  • 1.2kg hopper

  • 64mm steel burrs

  • Dimensions without portafilter (WxDxH): 200 x 370 x 630 mm

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Order a highly efficient Quality Espresso commercial coffee grinder from our Di Pacci Coffee Company. Our high-end coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. Also, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you and give you an apt solution!