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Dalla Corte Coffee Machines

The crucial factor that makes Dalla Corte stand out from the crowd is that it is constantly revolutionising and evolving. This is the brand that features models (Evolution) with the original multi-boiler technology.

When it comes to design and innovation, this brand has combined functionality and aesthetics in one single product. For example - the dc pro espresso coffee machine. Also, with the new evo2, which features restyling and technical innovation, a classical look is back in a stylized version.

The DC One Grinder is elegant and functional, followed by a dc-two double grinder. This model is featuring 65 mm flat burrs with an adjustment precision of 0.01 mm. This brand is definitely setting new standards!

Dalla Corte Technology

  • DallaCorte was the very first to introduce the multi-boiler technology in a coffee machine.
  • This technology allows the Brewing groups and the steam boiler to work independently. 
  • Allows to turn off the group or the boiler when not in use
  • Saves energy while keeping the temperature constant for each extraction.
  • Brewhead is made of Special Brass alloy that helps maintain the temperature with an accuracy of +/- .01 of a degree Celcius
  • 100% lead-free

DC Studio key features

  • Has dual boiler and is thermally independent
  • Rotary Pump system
  • 54mm portafilter basket as default
  • Equipped with the same steam wand (lever operation) as the DC Professional Series machines
  • 58mm portafilter basket kit available, if required
  • Can be plumbed to freshwater connection or be used with a 4L water tank
  • Comes with a Barista Kit

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (l x h x p)- 321 x 390,4 x 400 mm
  • Weight-27.5 kg
  • Maximum power-1970 kW
  • Connected load-230/240 V 50-60 Hz
  • Boiler capacity-1.5 L
  • Ability of independent groups-0.5 L
  • Water tank-4 L
  • Fixed water connection-optional
  • Timer-included
  • Front illumination-Included

 Additional information

  • Boiler Capacity-1,5 L
  • Water Connection-Fixed
  • Features-Timer, Front Illumination
  • Maximum Power -1970 Kw
  • Weight-27.5 Kg
  • Dimensions-32 × 39 × 40 Cm
  • Ability Of Independent Groups-0,5 L
  • Water Tank-4 L
  • Connected Load -230/240 V 50-60 Hz
  • Professional Installation Required-No


Dalla Corte always wants to be ahead of the competition. That is why they have invented multi-boiler technology. And this is the core of their espresso machines. Before that, nobody even heard of independent brewing groups or separate boilers. They had their vision of this technology and they did their best to bring out this unique piece. And that is why it is called “the original”. It is truly one-of-a-kind.

The brewing groups and steam boilers operate autonomously and independently. And that means you can turn off the groups or the boiler when not in use. Thus, you can save energy while maintaining the temperature consistency for every extraction.


This is compact, accurate, and highly efficient. The new Studio is an espresso machine that comes with professional features and household ease. Thus, it is fit for both home and office or in small shops.

This coffee machine is absolutely easy to use, and it features thermal stability and performance consistency. All these make the Studio a perfect espresso machine for professional use. Its digital display controls all parameters including on/off timer, automatic cleaning program, etc. And all these functions are just to name a few.

The Studio is equipped with the same steam wand which is standard in all Dalla Corte professional machines. It is a powerful tool to adjust optimal frothing, and for a great quality cappuccino.

Your espresso can be customized in the way you prefer. You can choose one from the numerous possibilities of the RAL palette. This is a coffee machine that adapts to your personality, your space, and your lifestyle. 

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