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2 products

Carimali Commercial Coffee Grinder

Carimali is a leading coffee company that has been manufacturing and distributing professional commercial coffee grinders worldwide for over 100 years. Since 1919, it has been applying advanced features, technologies and modern manufacturing procedures to design, manufacture, and distribute the vastest range of products.  

The Group Headquarters are located in Bergamo, Italy. Their major production factory and the offices are situated on a surface area of over 20.000 m2 here. 


The journey of Carimali started by setting up La Carimali in Milan in 1919. In 1932, it produced its very first coffee machine having vertical boilers and gas heating. Then Carimali developed the first horizontal liberty style machine in the year of 1940. 1960 was a remarkable year for Carimali as it was the beginning of a new era. Vega, their first fully automatic coffee machine came into existence in this period. 1980 is memorable for the birth of Systema and S fully Automatics. They launched the F Family range in 1990. Andrea Doglioni Majer joined the company in 2007 and acquired the control after three years. In 2013 Carimali Catering Equipment Co.Ltd in China was established. In Lainate, Milan, a new company was founded in 2016. Ultimately, in 2019, Carimali acquired the producer of Espresso coffee machines, named Elektra and became the official distributor on European markets of Slingshot.

The Heart of Coffee Technology

Carimali is an integral part of VEA and a holding company, established to foster technological enhancement in 2017. This company acts on the markets as a protagonist striving for innovation in the coffee industry. The VAE approach stresses foresight and long-term tactics to achieve long-lasting leadership and significant effects in technological evolution. The holding company aims to change the headline, support innovation, and escalate the growth of producing technology to better the coffee industry. 


Carimali China is the second production plant. It is located in Suzhou, China. Since 2014, it is also offering as the distribution hub for the Asian-Pacific region. This Chinese team includes 14 employees and an Italian engineer who oversees the company. Currently, Carimali China exports to 15 different countries. 

The Italian team consists of 7 employees who can offer a full service. They are always there to support all the customers in each step. In addition to that, the Italian division also starts selling and providing technical support for different brands like Elektra, Marco Beverage Systems and Slingshot.

Our Carimali Commercial Coffee Grinder 

Our high-quality Carimali commercial coffee grinder is Carimali X011

Carimali X011

The X011 is Carimali’s compact grinder designed and manufactured especially for small cafes with medium coffee consumption. This grinder is one of the most enticing products of our store. It is available in two stunning colours- black and white.


  • Burrs: 64mm Flat

  • Net Weight: 15KG

  • Motor: 350W

  • Colours: Black or White

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Order a super-efficient Carimali commercial coffee grinder from our Di Pacci Coffee Company. Our high-end coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. Also, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you and give you an apt solution!