Rancilio Home coffee machines

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4 products

Rancilio Home Coffee Machines

Rancilio is an international group that offers a high-end and complete range of cutting-edge coffee machines for every purpose. They are dedicated to manufacturing, designing, and distributing top-quality coffee machines with a defined attitude towards technological innovation and coffee culture. 

This brand has distributed its products in more than 115 countries in the world for over 100 years through the Italian headquarter, 7 branches, 2 R&D centers, and a global sales and service network. The professionals of this group strive to bring both passion and innovation in a single frame. 


 Roberto Rancilio, the founder of the Rancilio group, was born in Parabiago. It is a small town on the outskirts of Milan. He introduced his business in the year of 1896. 

This brand is the embodiment of hard work and sleep-snatching dreams that shows the journey from small mechanical workshops to world leaders. It is about the stories of their brands, men, intuitions, entrepreneurial dreams, technological innovations, designs, and patents that have established the myths of an international company that manufactures professional coffee machines.

The Specialty of Rancilio

 Their coffee machine experts strive to offer a better and enhanced coffee experience by giving cutting-edge brewing technology. It combines with a unique workflow and Rancilio expertise to create an easy-to-use espresso machine with great efficiency. The brand has improved the machines with the addition of innovative brewing, advanced temperature profiling, variable steam lever, portafilter, low profile body, grouphead with a dedicated display, and many other features.

The joint effort of the top-quality components has made the coffee machine ideal to make a cup of perfect coffee for all the customers.

Our Rancilio Home Coffee Machine Range

 Our Rancilio home coffee machine range comprises Rancilio Rancilio Silvia V6 2021 Edition, Rancilio Silvia V6 2020 Edition + Rancilio Rocky Grinder, and  Rancilio Silvia Pro.  

Rancilio Silvia V6 2020 Edition + Rancilio Rocky Grinder

Rancilio Silvia is a great compact single boiler coffee machine. It comes in two versions-

  • Model E

  • Model M

The Use of Heavy Duty Pump System

 This machine uses an Electromagnetic vibratory pump to get the exact pressures needed to make a perfect espresso.

The Use of Ergonomic Switches

 Commercial-grade rocker switches are located in the center of the face of the machine. The two indicative lights, green and orange, signal that the machine is on and the element is active respectively. 

Steaming with Rancilio 'Miss Silvia'

 The Rancilio Silvia has stainless steel that features a 1 hole removable tip to swivel around allowing a great range of motion. In under 35 seconds, the Silvia can get 200ml of milk up to proper temperatures.

Insulated Boiler

In this model, Silvia incorporates an insulated boiler. It improves energy consumption and will assist in maintaining temperature stability.

Product Features:

  • Stainless Steel supporting frame

  • 2 Litre removable water tank

  • Body and control panel in satin stainless steel

  • Commercial group head

  • 15 Bar Pump Pressure (calibrated at 9-10 bar)

  • Insulated Boiler

  • Model E will power off after 30 mins of inactivity.

  • Stainless Steel drip tray and grate

  • 3-way solenoid valve

  • Coffee, steam, and safety thermostats

  • 300ml brass boiler - removable steel element

Other Features of the Rancilio Silvia are:

  • Removable Water Reservoir

  • Brass Parts

  • Commercial Grouphead

  • Cup Storage

  • Instant Hot Water

  • Removable Drip and Cup Tray

  • Pressure Release System

  • Accessories

Rancilio Silvia Pro

The new Rancilio Silvia Pro Coffee Machine is an espresso machine that offers precision and control over every shot, with a limited footprint.

High-quality Professional Equipment and Heavy-duty Components

It is a combination of the professional performance of the well-respected Rancilio Espresso machines and the efficient capabilities of the market-tested Silvia model – with the new addition of two PID temperature controllers and a digital light-up display.

Two Independent Boilers and a wider range of Extras

Its two separate boilers, both equipped with PID, allow one boiler to be dedicated to heating the water for coffee, and the other just for producing steam or hot water. An ergonomic portafilter, insulated boilers, multi-directional stainless steel steam wand, and steam knob, cup tray, and brass brewing unit add to the appeal of the Rancilio Silvia Dual Boiler.

Rancilio Silvia Pro Coffee machine Features

  • A Remarkable Espresso Machine

  • Dual Boilers

  • Energy Savings 

  • PID Controlled Temperature 

  • Programmable Wake-Up

  • Commercial Group Head 

  • 3-Way Solenoid Valve

  • 2L Water Tank 

  • Removable Components

This Product Includes

  • Cleaning Tablets

  • 1 x Rancilio Silvia PRP Coffee Machine

  • 1 x Measuring Spoon

  • 16g & 8g Filter Baskets

  • 1 x Professional 58mm Steel Tamper

  • 1 x Instructional Booklet

  • Shower Cleaning Brush

  • Water Softener

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Order our high-end Rancilio home coffee machine from Di Pacci Coffee Company to have the taste of a proper blend of rich and strong coffee. To get more details, feel free to contact us soon!