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Since 1962, Ascaso Factory has been producing top-rated coffee machines. It’s a Barcelona-based company and offers multiple ways to prepare your espresso, matching your taste buds. With their unique and edgy industrial design, Ascaso coffee machines are recommended worldwide. Also, all the coffee machines built by Ascaso are of quality materials like aluminium, stainless steel, brass, etc. and the latest technology. 


The founder of Ascaso Factory, J. Ascaso, was born in a small village in the Huesca mountains. With his great entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to accomplish more. He had only 3,000 pesetas in his pocket when he decided to move to Barcelona, with a mind full of innovative plans and ideas. 

He started working for a company that used to supply chrome-plated espresso machines in 1950. From 1952-1962, he joined the Gaggia production line and contributed to making parts for one of the world’s most reputable coffee machine companies. 

And gradually, the requirements for espresso machine maintenance and repair services started progressing. J. Ascaso grabbed the opportunity and decided to manufacture components and parts for all coffee machines available. In 1962, he founded his own company. Then he started distributing and producing spare parts for espresso coffee machines.  

Ascaso Factory has come a long way, and today it sells its products in more than 95 counties. For the company's diversification over recent years, JL Ascaso (founder's son) is responsible. It has employees occupying over 4,000 m² and 50 employees.

Product Quality

Ascaso Coffee machines stand out from the rest because of their top-quality materials and diligent design patterns. All coffee machines by Ascaso are manufactured solely by the experienced hands of their artisans. The internal quality control system of the company comprises over 25 points of inspection. They don’t compromise on the quality of their machines and, each of them undergoes a one-by-one test. 

They use superior technologies and robots for applying the exclusive usage programme for all their machine’s functions. The modern facilities of computer systems and mechanical engineering provide relevant details about its performance. 

The amalgamation of these technologies elevates the coffee taste and quality. So, if you want to buy coffee machines online, you can choose from the Ascaso coffee machine range. 


Initially, the boilers in Ascaso Factory used to be made with brass. Now they use their own stainless steel thermal blocks to manufacture coffee machines. Starting from health to safety, they focus on every aspect of the quality of their work. Their new approach ended up successfully. The brief heating period and the remarkably lower energy consumption is better than other coffee machines available. 


You will enjoy the extended warranty of 5 years on all the boilers and groups purchased from 2019, both nationally and internationally. However, you must take care of its maintenance with the correct usage of the filtration system. It ensures that the item will last long. The connection of the coffee machine to the earthing should follow the electrical regulations that are currently in force. Also, it’s recommended not to use acids or harsh chemical products for cleaning. 

Our Ascaso Coffee Machine Range

Our Ascaso coffee machine range comprises Ascaso Barista and Ascaso Bar 

# Ascaso Barista:

 Ascaso Barista is a unique commercial coffee machine from Ascaso. You can buy several sizes and finishes making it perfect for any application. Utilising Ascaso’s E61 head and the thermosyphon circulation system. Enjoy making coffee with the Barista, one of the most persuasive coffee machines!

Features of Ascaso Barista

  • E61 head

  • Thermosyphon circulation system

  • AISI 316 stainless steel

  • Inox, white / wood or black / wood.

# Ascaso Bar

The Ascaso Bar is the best professional coffee machine suitable for low to moderate use. The unique body is constructed of thick stainless steel that allows for maximum sturdiness, giving this machine an impressive look. The cool touch steam wands reduce the risks of burns and you can rotate it to full 360 degrees. The Bar has a very easy to use interface with minimal buttons making this machine perfect for any small café or restaurant.

Features Of Ascaso Bar

  • Thermoblock group

  • Up to 60% more efficient than a traditional boiler machine.

  • AISI 316 stainless steel

  • Inox colour

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