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2 products

Isomac Home Coffee Grinder

Isomac is a reputable Italian coffee company founded in 1977. They are well-known for their supreme quality and highly efficient home coffee grinders and espresso machines. The quality of their products is the reason for their name and fame. These grinders built with commercial-grade quality components have become more long-lasting and durable.  

Their highly skilled and qualified manufacturers examine each of their products throughout the production to assure the assembly and functionality of the grinders is perfect. Besides, their Isomac coffee grinders are compact enough for home use. If you ever want to have ideal coffee at home or for your business, look no further and own an Isomac coffee grinder. 

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you will need the very best and fresh coffee every time. So, whenever you want supreme quality coffee grinders and espresso machines for your home, consider relying on Isomac. 

About the Company

Isomac has a prolonged history behind it that makes it stand where it is today. It took years of experience, hard work, restless nights and an incredible team spirit. 

Isomac® had been planning and manufacturing premium quality coffee grinders, and machines addressed to the market’s premium area. Giovanni Fontana established Isomac in the year of 1977. It was the same person who developed a big experience in Faema as production chief manager. He had worked alongside Mr Carlo Ernesto Valente, La Faema founder during the sixties. 

Isomac is a well-established Italian company that combines long tradition and excellent products. They are devoted to true coffee lovers. The professionals aim to satisfy even the most demanding customers with their high-quality products and admirable customer service. 

Also, this brand is well-aware of the market strategies. And it is why they are operating in the international markets through specialized and highly experienced distributors in the industry of coffee grinders and espresso coffee machines who grant a quick and professional after-sales service. Through the distributors, they also reach more people at a time. 

Isomac human resources strive to create a meticulous engineering design to the use of precious materials. They use many kinds of materials such as stainless steel, copper, and brass. The manufacturers use these materials for quality control at the components acceptance. 

They ensure the quality of the products by assembling and testing each product through expert craftsmen. The machines have become more efficient because of the fast service of spare parts. Their dedication and constant commitment to research are widely acknowledged by their clients. The unique design and touch of creativity transmit solidity and concreteness. 

Isomac espresso coffee products offer a unique and excellent performance regarding thermal stability and coffee extraction. This all credit goes to the technical characteristics and quality of components used. The full range of coffee grinders manufactured by Isomac is ideal for both professional and domestic use to meet all customer needs. 

Our Isomac Home Coffee Grinder Range

Our supreme quality Isomac home coffee grinder range includes Isomac Professionale and Isomac Gran Macinino

Isomac Professionale

Isomac Professionale coffee grinder is a highly demanding espresso grinder ideal for domestic use. This machine is doserless so you grind fresh every time, directly into your portafilter. You can consider it as a solid little conical burr grinder for the home. 


  • Grinder adjustment key

  • Polished aluminium

  • 250g hopper

  • 38mm conical burrs

Isomac Gran Macinino

Truly speaking, Isomac Granmacinino Coffee Grinder is an Isomac Professionale with a nice body finish and larger hopper. It is a great entry-level premium quality home espresso grinder, with a doserless spout allowing you to always grind fresh on demand. Besides, this grinder includes doserless grinding directly into your portafilter.

The Granmacinino Coffee grinder offers a famous Italian functional style and elegance like all other products from the Isomac range. It has a robust and stylish stainless steel construction with conical burrs.


  • Grinder adjustment key

  • 38mm conical burrs

  • 300g hopper

  • Polished aluminium

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Buy an Isomac home coffee grinder from our Di Pacci Coffee Company. Our supreme quality coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. Also, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you!