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Astoria is a historical Italian brand of espresso coffee machines. The name is synonymous with excellence due to a state-of-the-art industrial philosophy; based on environmental preservation and maximum energy efficiency. 

In 1969, a group of artisans launched an idea that has transformed into the largest single coffee machine factory worldwide. The usage of quality equipment and materials make them stand apart from the rest. 


Nello Dal Tio founded the Astoria CMA group. He was born in Vazzola, a small town in the province of Treviso, in the North-Eastern Italian region of Veneto. Nello Dal Tio spent his childhood and adolescence in a traditional Italian family, immersed in a typical rural world and culture. This traditional environment motivated him to achieve his ultimate momentum. 

In 1969, Nello Dal Tio founded the Astoria CMA group, heir to a historic brand in the Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines. Then in 1972, the first requests for Astoria coffee machines came from abroad, and the business started to bloom. For the first time in 1978, the Astoria coffee machines reached the United States. 

Astoria incorporates General Espresso Equipment Corporation (GEEC – Astoria USA) - a company specialized in the distribution of the brand in the United States, Canada. And the Caribbean came into existence by the end of 1995. 

In 1998, they collaborated with the Adriano Design studio, and Sibilla was launched. They came into the market with an eccentric and tough-looking machine that marks the generation of a new beginning of lightweight counter-top machines. It allowed the crew to create a new relationship between the barista and customer. In later days, the MCE production in Timisoara (Romania) officially opened its doors.

By the beginning of 2007, the new plant in Susegana (Treviso) was opened with the expression of the Group’s growth potential and a clear cut industrial philosophy based on sleek yet important manufacturing principles. In 2009, Astoria introduced a new site in France. The Green Line appeared - designed to combine the excellence in the coffee cup and reliability. 

They have created another milestone in 2012, with the acquisition by the Ryoma holding of Milan, following the company's goals and vocation accomplishing a higher international profile increasing investments in Research and Development. 

In 2016, Astoria renews its image and turns red, showing off a new logo and emblem to the world, and in 2018 launched the #TheStormIsComing tour all over the world.

The history of the company is quite fascinating and is still considered as one of the best coffee machines worldwide. 


  • Eco-friendly: Astoria believes in environmental protection, energy-saving and waste reduction in any form.

  • GreenLine: Green Line is the ambassador of the revolutionary coffee machine project. It allows reducing power consumption without affecting quality and offers baristas and restaurateurs to use advanced tools that respect the environment.

  • Slow Espresso: Astoria's corporate does not only focus on the protection of the environment but also that respecting and helping individuals. Astoria promotes the Slow Espresso Experience combining the sensory experience of coffee tasting, with respect for biodiversity and sustainability.

Product Quality  

Astoria machine features revolutionary technology that uses separate boilers for each brew group. It memorizes consumption, allowing for certified energy savings of 47.6% in standby mode and 30% while in use. At the same time increases performance, flexibility and consistent quality in the cup are ensured.

Our Astoria Coffee Machine Range 

Our Astoria coffee machine range includes  Core 200,  Astoria Tanya R,  Astoria Storm,  Astoria Sabrina Plus 4 You Astoria Greta Astoria Forma,  Astoria Core600.

# CORE 200

Elegant model, build to meet your needs. Its width and breadth are uniquely built to fit anywhere you want to keep it. 


Simplicity and durability, combined with a rigorous design, communicate the soul and the body of this espresso coffee machine.

# Astoria Storm

The Storm coffee machine is a mix of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. With Storm, a barista is free to express themselves and their experimentation skills through simple and comfortable actions.

# Astoria Sabrina Plus 4 You

The Sabrina Plus 4 You is the latest offering from Astoria’s Green Line series and has a low environmental impact with the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 47.6% compared to other traditional espresso machines.

# Astoria Greta

Its small size and easy use make Greta the perfect coffee machine for offices or cafés with low coffee volumes. 

# Astoria Forma

The modern and attractive design of the machine with clean lines and a generous working surface make it the total package for a busy café or restaurant.

# Astoria Core600

Designed to enhance the refinement of the Core600 shapes, the satin-finished or varnished steel sides give the machine even further sturdiness. 

Our Other Products

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