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Elektra Coffee Machines

Elektra is a reputed Italian manufacturer of professional espresso and coffee machines. Apart from their core products, lever, and automatic espresso machines, this company also manufactures coffee grinders as well as accessories.

Contrary to other manufacturers of espresso machines, Elektra does not produce super-automatic machines. But their products come with a manual portafilter. Elektra machines are basically used in the business sector.

History and Technology

This company was founded in 1947 by Umberto Fregnan and it is still owned by the Fregnan family. Right from the very beginning of their journey, Elektra's focus was on producing coffee machines that assure easy operation and require hassle-free maintenance. In 1950, the first machine came with an automatic hydraulic unit.

Along with the water level control with float (developed by the company as a seal-less system), Elektra also developed automatic dispensing with an electrically controlled valve (1968) as well as the electronic delivery of five doses (1978). Only copper is used for making the boiler and 80% of the parts are manufactured by Elektra. Before delivery, all machines are tested for 48 hours.


Elektra produces two types of machines - for professional users (divisione bar) and for consumers (divisione casa). The professional line comes with seven different series featuring semi-automatic equipment. And in the consumer line, you can order the Nivola and Family Retro units with semi-automatic equipment. Also, there is a model with a single-lever machine. The entire product range comes with over 40 models. Mills and accessories are available for each of the respective areas.

Our Electra Coffee Machine Models

Micro Casa Leva

Elektra has been supplying Micro Casa Leva coffee machines for decades. The reasons can be found in the exclusive design and the lever operation. These are re-proposed as per the tradition of espresso coffee machines. These are made in three finishings including Copper Brass, Chrome and Brass and Chrome. 

Synonymous with style and function, the Elektra coffee machine is a perfect solution for espresso lovers.


  • Height 45cm, 49cm with lever up
  • Width 26cm
  • Boiler capacity 1.8L
  • 800 watts
  • Depth 26cm




  • Width 26cm
  • Depth 26cm
  • Boiler capacity 1.8L
  • 800 watts
  • Height 45cm, 49cm with lever up



Elektra Verve is the precise outcome of great research. This is very stylish. It gives every coffee lover the freedom to make a personalised use. Use this in Coffee shops, homes, offices and even on tour. This is highly versatile and that is why Elektra Verve can be used everywhere. In this model, the best Italian design is combined with professional performances as well as reduced dimensions.


  • Rotary Pump
  • Can be plumbed, or used with in-built tank
  • Drip tray waste is plumbable
  • Dual Boiler - Independent coffee and steam boiler
  • Dry Steam - Stainless steel steam boiler
  • Flexibility of use -  Water supply or integrated 5l tank
  • Saturated group head
  • Pre-Infusion times and temperature control from the smartphone app
  • Beautiful timber finish
  • 58mm Portafilter
  • WiFi connection - Setting via Smartphone
  • Professional Kit - Rotary pump and professional group
  • Noble Materials - Stainless steel bodywork + wooden panels


  • Rotary Pump
  • Boiler Group cc 140
  • Preinfusion (0 to 20 seconds)
  • Voltage V 230-115
  • Frequency Hz 50/60
  • 1 Group
  • Integrated 5 litre tank
  • Steam boiler capacity L 1.6
  • Boiler Power W 1000
  • Group power W 600



Elektra combines precision with utter sophistication. This can be considered the peak of luxury, the best among the best of espresso machines. The Elektra Microcasa has been designed for a person who wants something unique and luxurious in their home or office.

It features a full chrome body with a bakelite handle on the portafilter. Its unique heat exchanger system helps the water reach the exact espresso temperature. Thus, you get the maximum flavour in your drink. The durable brass boiler offers very dry steam for perfect milk frothing. Also, the steam wand is extended so it stands away from the boiler.

Description -

  • Boiler (Lt): 1.9
  • Width (mm): 284
  • Depth (mm): 257
  • Groups: 1
  • Volts: 120
  • Power (W): 800
  • Height (mm): 586
  • Weight (Kg): 11.4

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