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XLVI has been manufacturing and creating the highest quality coffee machines for years. The coffee machines offer many ways to prepare your espresso according to your own taste. These coffee machines are popular for their unique and elegant industrial design. Also, all coffee machines by XLVI are built with top-rated materials and state-of-the-art technology. 

About XLVI Coffee Machines 

As coffee equipment companies emerge from a year of lost product launches and public marketing events, one company to watch on the specialty coffee equipment scene is the Italian manufacturer XLVI.

The motto of the company is, “Experience, before anything else.” XLVI is an artisanal workshop where all innovative coffee machines with amazing designs are created following passion, elegance, and individuality. The professionals don’t use random equipment and material to accomplish their time. The tool goes through several tests and then offers solid performance and freedom to invent.

Every model of XLVI stands for its beauty, design, and consistency. The hardwearing, eye-catching materials like steel, copper and brass are beyond any comparison. Just prime-quality components put together with a sartorial precision.

XLVI’s aesthetically customizable multi-group, multi-boiler espresso machines offer individual group water temperature and volumetric controls. They also offer a number of more unusual features. It means that aesthetics and solid quality are their priority. As soon as you have the machine installed, you will experience something great. 

The former clients have provided their opinion saying that when the machine is switched on and put to the test, they know they are about to receive something great. It becomes a major part of every day, a feature element of the premises, and a trusted companion for many, many years.

Technology and designs

In recent times, for the sake of business, people are decreasing their manpower. However, automatic machines are also responsible for unemployment issues. But this lack of manual operation has denoted high demand for talent, for the gestures and tastes of people. The good news is, they are back in the spotlight as the focus moves to artisanal quality. 

The products of XLVI are designed to make the most of the skills, techniques and creativity of the qualified barista.

Globalisation Of Coffee Machines 

One of the major challenges faced by XLVI is to fill the cultural gap between Italy and the rest of the world. And, they have successfully met their standards. The coffee machine manufacturers have focused on the technical side, while not taking the cultural values of different countries into account. This is why globalisation is important.

Their new approach resulted in a brief heating period and significantly lower energy consumption than other coffee machines on the market. The latest mechanical engineering and computer systems give every last detail of information about the machine and how it performs with use.  

Our Victoria Arduino Coffee Machine Range

You can buy this product from our online store: XLVI STEAMHAMMER

# XLVI Steamhammer

Designed for lovers of milk-based espresso; The Steamhammer is the espresso machine designed for heavy usage. From Italian manufacturer XLVI, the Steamhammer combines a captivating look with some outstanding technology to create a truly powerful coffee machine.

The machine has extra-long steam wands, perfect for those large milk jugs. The steam function is lever activated for a smooth vapour release. The body is constructed of thick stainless steel giving the Steamhammer a really strong look.

Each group head has six programmable buttons on an easy-to-use touchpad. The Steamhammer is available in 1, 2 or 3 grouphead configurations.


  • P.I.D heating system

  • LCD display

  • Automatic switch-off

  • Energy-saving mode

  • Automatic washing

  • High groups

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