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BNZ Commercial Coffee Grinder

BNZ is a well-established company manufacturing high-end and efficient commercial coffee grinders. They produce fine Italian espresso grinders that integrate admirable elegance, supreme quality, and skilful craftsmanship. This grinder is the ultimate solution for those professional baristas who love to experiment with the flavours of coffee. The professionals manufacture BNZ commercial espresso grinders in Italy, and these products are available in flat blades or conical blades. BNZ is an embodiment of a passion for innovation and dedicated craftsmanship where one can find both excellent quality and performance.

About the Company

As said earlier, BNZ coffee grinders get manufactured in Italy. And thus, it found a chance to develop quite the reputation for manufacturing powerhouse grinders for the coffee industry. They moved the entire coffee market with innovative and highly efficient grinding machines. Also, these grinders having conical blades allow them to grind coffee beans quicker in greater quantities. Their micrometric grind adjustment enables you to adjust ever so slightly, creating precision and improving coffee quality.

Needless to say, employees are the core strength of their business. They work together as one in a spirit of partnership. The hundreds of people associated with the management, planning, production, and sales have made BNZ stand where it is today. It is a shining model of cooperation and dedication their people put to make their dream come true. 

They believe that the excellent quality of their products and services stems from an outstanding working environment and the professional approach of their experienced and sincere people. 

BNZ has acknowledged the past and learnt from their years of experience. They always look forward to new prospects, processes, solutions, and technological advances to rectify their past mistakes and invent the new flawlessly. They love to bring together tradition and innovation under a single roof by drawing strength and pride from their past as they look forward eagerly to the future. And it is their capacity for synthesis. This feature makes them stand unique from the rest.

Technological Excellence

Their experts say that a great grinder should be a beautiful machine to those for whom the machines have been manufactured precisely. At BNZ, the professionals always rely on the style and taste of gifted industrial designers and other talents while planning new models. They design the grinding machines keeping the ergonomic aspects of functionality and usability in mind.

BNZ produces super-efficient coffee grinders apt for commercial usage. Their flatbed specialty makes the grinders more useful to professional baristas. Their grinding machines also include an auto-stop feature when the work is done. It means you do not have to stand waiting for turning off the switch. The grinder can do it by itself. 

Furthermore, the professionals manufacture it with a hopper safety power cut off switch to prevent any mishap during the grinding process. The manufacturers also incorporate micrometric grind adjustment & dose counter to make the device more efficient and easy to operate. 

As this machine is for commercial use, it has a high production capacity. Their motor energy ranges from 300w to 450w with 63mm flat burrs and 68 mm conical burrs. Its hopper can contain 1.5 KG coffee beans at a time and grind 14KG to 18Kg beans in an hour. The combination of such modern technologies and continuous improvements have made BNZ one of the highly demanding coffee grinder brands. 

Our BNZ Commercial Coffee Grinder Range

Our high-end BNZ commercial coffee grinder range includes BNZ MD64 and BNZ MD74 Conical.


BNZ MD64 is a flat blade auto-stop grinder with hopper safety power cut off switch, micrometric grind adjustment & dose counter.


  • 63mm flat burrs

  • Production: 14KG/ Hour

  • 300w motor

  • 1.5KG hopper

  • HxWxD (MM): 590x200x310

BNZ MD74 Conical

BNZ MD74 Conical blade is an auto-stop grinder with hopper safety power cut off switch, micrometric grind adjustment and dose counter.


  • 68mm conical burrs

  • 450w motor

  • 1.5KG hopper

  • Production: 18KG/ Hour

  • HxWxD (MM): 630x300x210

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Order a super-efficient BNZ commercial coffee grinder from our Di Pacci Coffee Company. Our efficient coffee products and accessories will enhance your coffee experience. Also, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you and give you an apt solution!