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3 products


Iberital's vision combines nonconformity and continuous improvement. The team of Ibertial defines it as their unique DNA. In recent years, they have launched espresso machines that inspire new technical innovations that are shifting and changing the industry’s way of thinking. 

In 2014, they began to redefine the industry. To establish a successful business and shape the future, they have taken the calculative risks to manufacture the Iberital coffee machines. They have disrupted, evolved, and created espressos that meet the needs of commercial places. The machines are more sustainable, efficient, intelligent and ensure a healthier future.


The production of the Iberital coffee machines began in the garage in Barcelona, where Blai Farré used to enjoy doing his favourite hobbies. He used to keep himself busy with metalworking and parts machining. His unique and innovative entrepreneurial vision encouraged to manufacture of robust, technologically sophisticated espresso machines for commercial purposes. 

His family ran a butcher's shop, and in his spare time, Blai focused on repairing coffee machine pumps and other mechanisms. It was the beginning of his creation and the production of popular soft drinks and soda vending machines.

The businesses and restaurateurs quickly noticed his hobby and hired him for multiple different projects. He soon left his family business and encouraged himself to do what he loves: parts machining. Although he initially only repaired machinery and manufactured pieces for the coffee-machine manufacturers themselves. Then he continued to create his own moulds using casting processes and was successful at selling the spare parts of the coffee machines. 

The business culture of the Iberital company resembles a motivated and committed team. Their vision is to make the workforce the most valuable resource. After years of struggle, they have knit a team of real people, each with a story to tell. Now it’s an international brand that operates in more than 100 countries. Exports already represent 70% of Iberital’s turnover. Commercially their presence in both new and existing markets continues to grow. 


  • IB WaterTech

IB Watertech is an independent water circuit that provides the cleanest water, without residual sediments.  

  • IB Connect

With this, you can enjoy more data, more power. You will find multiple patterns and opportunities with Iberital Connect. It helps you understand consumer behaviour and notifies the maintenance needs by collecting processing data from your machines.

  • IB Heat Control

This technology guarantees thermal stability and reliability. It serves by configuring the brewing temperature in the coffee puck as per your recipe.

  • IB EcoSmart

You should install the machine for the innovative and unique solution it provides. It offers smarter and better uses of energy. After installing it, you will experience a reduction of over 50% of energy consumption with smart energy management and rapid heating systems.

  • IB Joystick

It offers an intuitive experience. It's analog and natural inspired ergonomics that offers control and customization in the coffee-making process. 

  • IB QuickHeat

You can trust it for fast heating facilities. By reducing the time it takes to power up to the same temperature for making coffee.  IB Quickheat is the combination of different heating mechanisms to deliver in peak and in off-peak hours.

Our Iberital Coffee Machine Range

You can buy the following items from our exclusive range at the most competitive rates: Iberital New Silver, Iberital Intenz, Iberital IB7.

# Iberital New Silver

The New Iberital has multiple functions and programs that can be accessed using the digital display. This lets you customize settings to meet your needs at any given moment. A high-performance extraction that offers both comfort and precision.


  • It includes a programmable volumetric dosage.

  • The machine comes with an anti-splash hot water outlet.

# Iberital Intenz

Designed for intense usage; The Iberital Intenz! A stylish looking machine made to withstand the demands of even the busiest of cafes. The Intenz comes in either black or white.


It comes with:

  • Hot water control with anti-splash

  • Comes in black or white

  • Lever steam valve

  • E61 group head

  • Back-lit dose buttons

# Iberital IB7

The Iberital IB7 is the machine for small spaces. Combining a captivating design with the robustness and durability that all Iberital products are known for. The IB7 comes in a number of different sizes with a model sure to meet your needs. The full stainless steel body gives the machine a really nice look making it perfect for a bar or cafe.


  • Hot water control with anti-splash

  • Ergonomically tilted porta-filter

  • Adjustable and easy to clean steam pipes

  • Programmable back-lit dose buttons

  • Automatic boiler refill

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