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Gaggia Milano

Simple pleasures are the best things in life. For some, drinking coffee has become a tradition and or even an obsession. Achille Gaggia’s attitude and curiosity towards coffee was an insatiable flame fed by the desire to design something elegant, unique, new, and magnificent. Creating the perfect Italian espresso is a method that needs precision, patience, and practice. 

If you install the Gaggia Milano coffee machine, you are investing in a quality product that enhances the barista skills and experience. 

About Gaggia Milano

It was one man’s stimulating quest for the perfect espresso in the 1930s.  Milan gave birth to one of Italy’s most awesome and iconic coffee brands. For more than half a century, Gaggia has been supplying commercial places with innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines. For years, he has created timeless, beautiful items inspired by the culture of the day, design, fashion, and more. It predicts the Italian passion for "La Dolce Vita”. From the unique "crema naturale" layer to the crème de la crème of espresso machines, explore the rich and fascinating history here. 

In 1930, Working at his family's coffee bar, "Caffè Achille", in Viale Premuda (Milan), Achille Gaggia understood the preference of clients and their changing attitudes towards coffee. So, he started to work day after day in the bar's warehouse, studying and experimenting with the innovative process to create the perfect espresso.

Thanks to the meeting with the engineer Antonio Cremonese in 1936, who shared his same desire to enhance coffee extraction. Achille took advantage of the meeting and invented the "a Torchio" system (renamed "Lampo"). Now the baristas can accurately control the process by which hot water under pressure passes through ground coffee.

On Sept. 5, 1938, Achille filed patent no. 365726 for "Lampo". A true revolution! This moment marks the beginning of the modern era of espresso. In the year 1939, he promoted the new dispensing group for coffee crema, Gaggia exhibited “Lampo” at the 1939 Fiera Campionaria (Samples Fair) in Milan. His mission was to sell his invention to the bar's owners, to substitute the ones on old coffee machines. 

Achille Gaggia registered his second patent in 1947, for a lever-piston brewing mechanism. This idea struck his mind after seeing the piston engine of an American Army's jeep that used a hydraulic system. With this, the barista could obtain a creamy and flavorful espresso in just 25-30 seconds. 

Achille Gaggia, in collaboration with the entrepreneur Carlo Ernesto Valente, founded "Officine Faema Brevetti Gaggia.'' The Gaggia espresso is unique. This patented mechanism extracts the natural coffee oils and makes a creamy layer on the top of the drink. With the support of the engineer Armando Migliorini, Achille designed and produced various ranges such as mod. With these, Achille took the opportunity and for the first time he placed his  unique slogan "Crema caffè naturale - Funziona senza vapore".

By the beginning of 1957, the Italians emigrated, the espresso culture reached Africa, America and Australia. With "Autono-Matic" with revolutionary hydraulically operating groups, he was successful in creating the espresso. 

From this year, until 1998, Gaggia focused on enriching the product range and worked with multiple designers and architects to launch new models. The manual machines "Paros" and "Carezza", Gaggia created its first automatic espresso machine, "Automatica Gaggia".

 On the occasion of the celebrations for the 75th Anniversary of Achille Gaggia's patent, everyone came together to renovate the product range and revamp the brand. His ultimate aim was to strengthen Gaggia's competitive position in the market of residential and commercial espresso machines. This is the comeback of the historic logo GAGGIA MILANO, which underlines the strong bond with tradition and culture. 

Our Gaggia Milano Coffee Machine Range

You can collect this item from our exclusive collection: GAGGIA MILANO LA REALE


This traditionally styled, top-of-the-range model is entirely shaped by light – not only the light that creates copper and steel reflections on its body, but also the suffused light of its LED profiles and its subtle, but suggestive, backlights. The design delivers a shimmering effect, giving the machine its unique character as well as its scenographic impact: it’s virtually a mechanical sculpture. La Reale is also brimming with cutting-edge technology. Gaggia Milano believes that users shouldn’t have to choose between style and substance; that’s why, in La Reale, both come as standard.

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