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4 products


Cafello Tutto coffee machines are designed for ease of use, making them an ideal option for busy locations where people don’t have the time to focus on preparing coffee. The Tutto grinds, tamps, and brews. These coffee machines have all the features that are required to create perfectly creamy espresso shots every time. It takes all the hassle out of making beautiful espresso - The perfect solution for cafes, restaurants, bars, and home use.  

Features and Technology

The coffee machine has a light-up touchscreen display. You can use it to set a number of parameters, including grind time, shot time, brew boiler temperature, language, etc. It has a Conical burr grinder located at the top of the coffee machine. The grinder grinds directly into the group handle. The coffee machine also has an in-built tamper. With a gentle pull of a lever, the tamper flattens the coffee grounds to a perfect level. You just need to steam milk and pour. 

Our Cafello Coffee Machine Range

Our Cafello Tutto Coffee Machine range includes Cafello Tutto V2, Cafello Tutto Office, and Cafello Tutto Junior. You can also buy Cafello Tutto Junior Handle at our online store.

Cafello Tutto V2 Coffee Machine 


100g hopper (Can be upgraded to 500gm); Single and Double shot porta-filter; Weight: 25 Kg; Dimensions with portafilter (WxDxH): 560 x 600 x 430 mm.


Here are a few things that you will need before you can install the Cafello Tutto V2 coffee machine:

  • 10 amp power supply to power machine

  • Connection to Mains Plumbing or a container of water for water supply. 

  • A drainage system or container for wastewater to go. 

  • 350 kpa pressure limiting valve. 

  • Water filter and a filter head. 

  • Two spanners for tightening connectors. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to install the coffee machine correctly:

# Step 1: First of all, carefully unpack the box with your new Cafello Tutto V2 coffee machine inside. Place the machine in the place where you wish to install it. 

# Step 2: You will find a CLEAR silicon hose with a threaded connector on it coming from under the coffee machine. If you want to run the machine from a container of water, consider placing the hose into the container. When connecting it to the mains plumbing, first detach the hose from the hose marked INLET PIPE, put a connector onto the hose, and then use a braided hose to connect this to your water filter head. You can then use another hose to connect to your PLV and another hose into your plumbing system. Make sure you connect the machine to a valve or a tap. It will allow you to switch the water off in the case of an emergency. 

# Step 3: There is another red hose coming from under the coffee machine. This is where the expansion water will come through. You can just use a bucket or container or place the hose into a drainage pipe. 

# Step 4: Turn the water ON going into the Inlet Pipe. Now, plug the coffee machine into the wall and switch it on. There is a main switch on the right-hand underside of the machine. You can now turn it ON. 

# Step 5: Your coffee machine should now be on and should automatically start filling with water. 

Some Other Facts About Cafello Tutto V2

  • Perfect for bars and restaurants. It can be placed in busy locations where staff may not have the time to focus on preparing coffee.

  • The entire machine can be controlled from the light-up touchscreen display.

  • It has a quieter Conical burr grinder with a 300W motor. The grinder adjustment is more accurate than V1. Also, it has an in-built tamper 5x stronger than V1. 

  • Newly designed steam and hot water tap from Italy. 

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Cafello Tutto Office

The brand new Cafello Tutto Office Coffee Machine is ideal for home or office use. The price of this coffee machine is just $1499 ($1999 RRP). All our coffee machines are tested and calibrated before pickup/dispatch. 

Cafello Tutto Junior

It is the baby model of Tutto. It has a conical burr grinder, in-built tamper, touchscreen display, milk steamer wand, anti-slip feet, hot water outlet, drip tray, and a cup tray. This coffee machine is designed for use at home. 

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If you have any queries about Cafello Tutto coffee machines or our other products, please feel free to contact us. Buy a Cafello Coffee Machine online from Di Pacci Coffee Company today.