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19 products

ECM Home Coffee Machines

ECM Espresso Coffee Machines Manufacture is reputed for producing premium espresso machines for household, gastronomy, and espresso grinders. This company holds over 20 years of experience in the espresso business and they manufacture their products with great determination, dedication, and handwork. Their home coffee machines offer perfect espresso every time. Their product range also includes an extensive range of espresso accessories.

ECM has a team of a highly-motivated and enthusiastic team of young members. Their home coffee machines, apart from the Synchronika, are manufactured at the production site in Milan. They manufacture the Synchronika, their commercial machines and grinders in Germany.

ECM Synchronika V3

The ECM Synchronika V3 comes with a fresh design. It has a unique powder coated chassis in anthracite at the bottom of the machine along with the polished stainless steel housing


  • Individual temperature adjustment in both boilers
  • Displays the brewing time in seconds
  • Optional display for the reminder of group cleaning.
  • Intervals can be planned individually.
  • You can turn it off at any time
  • Dual boiler espresso machine
  • Stainless steel coffee boiler with a 0.75 l volume; steam-/hot water boiler with a 2.0 l volume; boiler insulation
  • Steam boiler can be turned off independently through an on/off switch
  • PID-display
  • Patented ECM E61 brew group
  • Quiet rotary pump
  • Switchable from the water tank to direct water connection
  • Drainage hook-up for residual water
  • If there is water shortage the machine will shut down only once the portion brewed is finished
  • 1x 1400 W and 1 x 1000 W heating element
  • 230 V
  • Dimensions without portafilter (WxDxH): 335 x 490 x 410 mm
  • Weight 30kg
  • "Quick steam" valves with an advanced movement because of a 70° angle
  • High end "no burn" steam and hot water wands
  • Ergonomic ECM portafilters

ECM Manufacture Classika PID

The ECM Classika PID is the best in the single boiler category. This model is beautifully created and it has a PID temperature controller for stable temperature and adjustability.


  • Premium stainless steel boiler (volume: 0.75 l)
  • Quick heat-up
  • Copper tubing featuring brass fittings and screws
  • PID temperature control for stable brew temperature and adjustability
  • Solid chrome-plated ECM brewing group
  • Easily accessible to the water tank through detachable cup warmer tray
  • Water tank with around 2.8 l volume
  •     Metal lever switch and control lamps facilitating on/off” function and dispensing steam and hot water
  • Dimensions: 250 x 445 x 395 (w x d x h) weight 18.5kg
  • Pump pressure gauge facilitating visual pump pressure control
  • High-performance vibration pump


The Technika is ECM’s flagship model. And this piece of technology looks absolutely exquisite. The machine has an elegant stainless steel body with a flip-top lid that facilitates easy access to the water tank or when it comes to plumbing in for water supply.

The Technika has a big 2.1L heat exchanger boiler which means you can do both coffee and steam side by side.


  • Compact construction with high-quality copper boiler (2.1 l)
  • Control lamp for the indication of water shortage
  • Coffee, milk froth and hot water can be dispensed simultaneously
  • Professional lever valve technology, alternatively rotary valves technology
  • Boiler and pump pressure gauge


  • Rotary pump (Profi)
  • Same PID as Synchronika has eco mode option and shot timer.
  • Weight: 23.5KG
  • 2.1L copper heat exchanger boiler (Profi model has stainless steel boiler)
  • 3L water tank
  • E61 brew group
  • Dimensions without portafilter (WxDxH): 325 x 475 x 390 mm
  • Comes with tamper, Ecm Case


The all-new ECM Mechanika Slim V assures outstanding performance and it comes in a compact size. The Mechanika Slim V has ECM’s 2.1L heat exchanger boiler just like the larger models of this range. But the slim measures 25cm across! The Mechanika Slim V has a heat exchanger boiler and that means you can do both coffee and steam side by side.


  • Easy access to the water tank due to removable cup warming tray
  • 2 ergonomic ECM portafilters with weight-balanced shape and angled grip
  • Compact construction with high-quality Stainless Steel boiler (2.1 l)
  • Coffee, milk froth and hot water can be dispensed simultaneously


  • E61 brew group
  • Vibrational pump
  • 2.1L Stainless Steel heat exchanger boiler
  • 2.8L water tank
  • Weight: 20.2KG
  • Dimensions without portafilter (WxDxH): 250 x 445 x 395 mm

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