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Milk Jug Rinsers

Milk jug rinsers are now standard equipment in the preparation of espresso coffee machines. Especially in the Milk-based driven Australian market. A clean milk pitcher is necessary to maintain the hygiene and the quality of each jug of steamed milk. With the adoption of glass rinsers as milk jugs, rinsers within the Cafe setting come an extremely efficient and effective way to clean milk jugs. The barista milk jugs are constantly being used throughout the shift and gone are the days of having dozens of milk jugs you run back and forth to the sink to tip and clean out.

You can invest in pitcher rinsers to clean your jugs spotless and shiny by removing all the leftover milk residue from the early steamed milk. By pressing the upside-down milk jug against the rinser star, cool jets of pressurised water spray up inside the jug rinsing everything away into a connected drain.

If you install a milk jug rinser in your cafe, the simple first step is to decide what length of the rinser you are using. The standard length of the milk jug rinsers is 150mm square, 300mm and 600mm. Then according to your preferences, you can invest in ‘in bench’ pitcher rinser or an ‘above bench’ pitcher rinser. Both styles of rinsers generally need you to alter the bench to fit either the full recessed rinse sink or the two small holes for the water inlet and drain hose.

With a quality milk jug rinser, you can avoid the cross-contamination issue that has several kinds of milk available on your menu poses. By simply rinsing out the jar you have used for full cream to use almond milk for the next. The milk jug rinsers elevate the workflow by making the method of cleaning milk automatic to semi-automatic. It enhances the ability to wash the jugs right at the espresso machine especially when you are multitasking. The milk jug cleaners increase the workflow and make the process of cleaning milk from the machines very quick. It can wash the jugs of an espresso machine, especially when you are multitasking. 

Some iconic brands that you can get from us are the Rhinowares, Rattleware, TiAmo, Espresso Parts amongst many others. From us you can collect the following items at competitive rates:  TI Amo Jug Rinser Small,  Jug Pitcher Rinser,  TI Amo Jug Rinser Extra Large - Bench Fitting,  Espresso Parts Pitcher Rinser Maintenance Kit,  Espresso Parts Milk Jug Rinser In Bench Long - Espresso Parts,  Espresso Parts Milk Jug Rinser Bench Top Long - Espresso Parts,  20ml Espresso Pitcher Rinser Counter Top,  and more. 

# TI Amo Jug Rinser Large

This Large Jug Rinser allows you to tip out excess milk and rinse immediately. The stainless steel insert can be installed directly into the bench and connected to the mains and drain of your coffee machine. If you prefer not to cut a hole in your bench, contact us for the availability of an on bench fitting!

# Rhinowares Pitcher Rinser 600mm

Rhinowares' new pitcher rinser design brings with it a number of features you have been asking for! Better Drainage the 3 piece drain tray has an improved design to ensure there is no static build-up of residue along with a generous drain outlet. Bigger Vessels the large actuator plate makes it useful across a broader range of equipment. 

Optional Spinjet Spray Mechanism, the new spinet valve sprays and spins at the same time creating a more robust mechanical cleaning action than normal rinsing valves. It is ideal for plungers using tea & coffee grounds, milk, and other residues that tend to hold firm. Install Parts included with each rinser you will find some fittings and hoses to make installation easier ( 3/8 push fit inlet plus elbow option, 1 metre of inlet hose and drain hose with clip).

# Espresso Pitcher Rinser Counter Top

Professional Pitcher Rinser, “CUSTOM” made in Melbourne from Stainless Steel and built to last! This rinser will save the café/restaurant time and money with the rinsing of glasses, cups and milk jugs.

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We also offer  Milk Thermometer,  Milk Pitcher, Coffee Tamper, Coffee Machine Cleaner etc. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to  contact us. Buy milk jug rinsers from  Dipacci Coffee Company today!