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2 products

La Cimbali 

The mission of La Cimbali is to be recognised as the world leader in the production of professional machines. They are popular worldwide for manufacturing machines for espresso coffee beverages. The company represents their history by designing its future with its unique and innovative brands. Anticipating the needs of customers, the experts encourage themselves to offer superior-quality products and outstanding service. It helps in enhancing and developing human resources, in a context increasingly geared towards teamwork, integration and synergies.


In the year 1912, Mr Giuseppe Cimbali opened a copper-processing shop in the centre of Milan. Then the production of coffee machines began at full pace. In the year 1930, the technology was based on vertically positioned boilers. In 1945, LaCimbali Albadoro launched Albadoro, a machine with two independent vertical boilers that can feature from 3 to 6 coffee groups. From 1947-1950, LaCimbali's machines underwent a technological revolution. It was the real technological revolution as it creates the essential pressure to extract everything that enriches the taste, aroma, and body of a cup of coffee. Then the company launched Granluce, equipped with the hydraulic group (patented) that can facilitate and reduce barista’s workload as the delivery is completely automatic. However, this innovation has allowed La Cimbali to enter new foreign markets. 

In the late 60s, Cimbali began to experiment with complete automation and presented Superbar. It was their first superautomatic machine that was being installed in the bars. With its help, even the less experienced barista could prepare excellent coffee cups. By the 20s, the company saw the launch of the first traditional machines that came with an evolved microprocessor to manage the main function of the machine. 

In 2012, Gruppo Cimbali celebrated 100 years of activity by inaugurating MUMAC, the first museum entirely dedicated to professional espresso coffee machines. After all these years of hardships and successful results in the business, the company has slowly reached their epitome of accomplishment by the year 2021. Accumulating all the unique technological parts, La Cimbali has made its mark on the history of modern commercial coffee machines. Their experience has resulted in the S15, the compact super-automatic boasting agile, impressive technology that allows people to use it even without barista experience and training. 

Innovative technology

Telemetry is data communication and remote monitoring technology that takes care of a machine's functions and performance. This technology enables data communication and remote monitoring of all the machine's functions and performance through the secured Wi-Fi link. 


The data of the machine is received by the web platform. The operator can use it for statistical consumption analysis. For instance, you can calculate the number of drinks dispensed, both in total and per selection. 

The technology also allows you to monitor everything constantly. It offers a real-time snapshot of all the machines' parts and looks after every error.   


The great innovation in telemetry in the S range is the BI-directionality of data communication. It enables machine data communication to the web platform that allows the user to operate the machine remotely through the web. This technology helps in upgrading the system and makes it easier for the operator to make tasty beverages as per requirements. You can enable all machine parameters to be set remotely. 

It allows technicians to modify the drink dispensing parameters remotely, without needing to be physically present on the spot.

Benefits of installing La Cimbali 

  • You can visualize the consumption monitoring. 

  • The machine allows control of dispensing parameters. 

  • The user can wash control and ongoing analysis of the machine. 

  • You can analyse and prevent malfunctions. 

  • It helps in the effective and efficient planning of maintenance operations.

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