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Portaholder or portafilter is a device that contains a handle and a filter basket to hold the coffee ground while they are inserted into the brew head of the coffee machine. The three basic types of portafilters include the pressurized, commercial, and pod. Pressurizers are cheaper and are easier to use for beginners. They create pressure for you and do not rely on any tamping techniques to create the right grinding profiles for ground coffee. The commercial type portafilter is found on the home and commercial espresso machine varieties. They are very difficult to damage due to their strong construction and the larger diameter contributes to better extraction of the brew. You will find this in single or double shot versions, feature spouts, and many of the prosumer espresso machines include both from the factory. A subset of the commercial varieties is bottomless or naked portafilters. You can invest in bottomless portafilters that allow you to see the stream of blonde water intermixed within the honey and alert you if you need to adjust the variables for more flavorful shots. Usually, channelling and extraction problems are due to either an inconsistent grind with many small and larger particles or inconsistent tamping of the coffee puck. Therefore, buy the portafilters that are being made by following advanced technology and designs. You must invest in high-quality, precision ground, properly chrome-coated portafilters that ensure to last long. 

The compatibility of portafilters is high. The manufacturers put efforts to make their own versions and satisfy the clients. Some enterprising coffee hobbyists often modify their preferred variety to use on their machines. From us, you can buy  Vibiemme Bottomless Portafilter,   Timber Portafilter Handle Only Pullman Pullman Portafilter Handle - Black Portafilter , San Marino & Astoria Bare Deep Portafilter , Rancilio Bottomless Portafilter Nuova Simonelli Bare Portafilter, La Marzocco Bare 15-Degree Genuine Portafilter, Expobar Double Genuine Portafilter, Double Spout Cover Screw,  Portafilter, Cimbali Double, and more. You can collect all these items at an affordable rate. 

# Pullman Portafilter Handle

Complete your Pullman set with a stunning anodised aluminium portafilter handle (body sold separately). The Pullman portafilter handles will fit all portafilter bodies with M12 thread.

This handle is a great match with the Pullman tamper station and Pullman tampers!

Maintenance procedures:

  • DO NOT use cleaning detergents and abrasive materials

  • DO NOT soak handle in water

  • Unscrew the handle from the group head before soaking in water, or prior to using detergents or abrasive products to clean the group head

  • Only use warm water and a soft sponge

# Portafilter, Rancilio Bottomless

This bottomless portafilter or naked portafilter fits the

espresso machines. It comes with the 3 shot 21g filter. It helps

to control and diagnose the extraction of espresso shots and assures

a pure espresso with a great crema. It's an amazing espresso

accessory for training because channelling will show you, that

the coffee ground is not properly compressed, or it just

guarantees a perfect show. Bottomless (Naked) Portafilters for

Rancilio Silvia Machines. 

# Portafilter Spout, Single, Short, 3-8

Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

# La Marzocco

At La Marzocco, their professionals aim to encompass people, heritage, technology, design and a spirit of sustainability in business by manufacturing the finest class and supreme quality coffee machines and coffee equipment. They are dedicated to bringing a positive influence to their team, business, and customers as well. Their dream is to win the hearts of their customers with their handmade and efficient coffee machines.

This brand always guides people to do the right things for the right reasons. They welcome the customers who have the curiosity to know the unknown. This attitude will help one to reveal the different perspectives and challenge the status quo.

They are very passionate about defending their culture. This brand embraces this culture by combining it with modern advancements and technologies. This combination has broadened their path and opened up the scope to add something new and better.

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All our items are made with high-quality materials and items. We don’t compromise during the construction of our products. Buy a group handle portafilter for coffee machines from  Dipacci Coffee Company  today!