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Orchestrale is a reputed coffee machine brand that has been in the market since 2006 and it is 100% made in Italy. This brand comes with high quality professional and traditional espresso coffee machines that feature a single copper boiler with thermosyphonic supply system with E61 groups. These days, we are sure that the artigianale productions of traditional machines are way better and useful.

The single boiler machine handled with the right skills will perform (extraction and steam) just like the multi boiler machines. It will be richer in electronic content and will be more stable, reliable, and simpler to use. Also, it is less demanding when it comes to maintenance.

The present market is quite receptive, selective as well as refined. Here, it is crucial to propose beauty, quality, innovative technology as well as content. At this point, this brand assures complete customer satisfaction and it is an ideal option especially for people who prioritise the value of the craftsmanship “made in Italy”, technology along with the design. 

Buy Orchestrale Nota Coffee Machine From Us

Creating cafe-style espresso and milk coffee at home is no more a big deal as long as you have the right coffee machine. You may have a desire to buy your first home coffee machine with the thought that it will save you hundreds of dollars. But this might not be the case always. The common problems with low quality coffee machines are unwanted noise, weak espresso, lukewarm milk. If you want to make the most of your investment, choose Orchestrale Nota!

Orchestrale Nota will absolutely change your concept of making coffee at home. This Italian made machine features all the quality, power and specs of a professional machine but in a sexy little compact package.


Rotary Pump - Coffee machines require pressure to pass water through tightly packed coffee (9 bars to be exact). The Orchestrale Nota features a rotary pump in place of a vibratory pump. This assures a way longer lifespan, quieter operation as well as a more adjustable and consistent pressure.

E61 Group Head – The head was named after the year it was invented. And the superior style of the head allows for manual control of the temperature in place of a pre-programmed digital device. This can be considered the preferred option when it comes to the larger professional coffee machines.

3L Boiler – It has a 3-litre capacity boiler and that is almost twice as large as all the other single group heat exchangers. Consequently, this offers increased steam power, fast recovery as well as better temperature stability.

Reservoir Tank - With Orchestrale Nota, you can get the option of using its optional reservoir tank or plumbing it into the mains.

Quality – If you consider the price range, it is hard to find a comparison to this machine. While the lifespan of most high-end and similarly priced home machines is more or less 3-4 years, the Nota can serve for 20 years.

Customisation is the Most Exciting Part!

The Orchestrale Nota is built with the option of customisation in mind. The machine features a stock stainless steel finish. With a customised bunch of these machines, customers can choose one as per their preference. You can upgrade shock timers, levers, etc. and beautiful timber add-ons may also be available. You can also opt for powder coating it in any colour as per your preferred decor and taste.


  • 3 litre Copper boiler and pipes with brass pipe fittings.
  • Water loading from a tank of 2.8 litres with the capacitive level detector.
  • Water loading from the water system
  • Professional sized rotary pump for the coffeeextraction
  • RPM single-phase pump motor
  • Signal light for a working machine
  • Signal light for low water in the tank
  • E 61 "Levetta" brewing raised group.
  • Pre-infusion for the best coffeebrewing.
  • Thermosiphonic system.
  • Frame completely built from satin stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Protection thermostat for the heating element
  • Separate boiler pressure and water pressure gauges
  • easy to adjust boiler pressure switch
  • 1 multi-directional steam wand
  • 1 multidirectional water wand
  • 1 filter holder for 1 cup, 1 filter holder for two cups and 1 blind filter
  • LED-lit back panel

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