Automatic Milk Steamers

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2 products

Automatic Milk Steamer 

Without a milk steamer, you will never be able to make those delightful frothy coffees that everyone prefers. In the world’s most popular coffees and hot drinks, we see the usage of frothed milk. Professional milk steamers are reliable and they produce results that are anywhere close to what you would expect. Any other method of frothing milk takes far longer and your customers won’t love that. 

If you love the milky layer on top of your latte, then a milk steamer is what you need. A milk steamer is what makes the milk for your latte so fluffy, warm, and delicious. At a coffee shop, steamed milk is made with a steam wand. This wand is present on almost all espresso machines – even most of the smaller espresso machines for at-home lattes. The great thing about the milk streamers is that they don’t cost a lot of money if you are buying them for residential purposes. But, if you’re looking to buy a barista coffee machine then you are going to have to accept the fact that this is going to be a sizable investment. Milk steamers are designed to steam milk. They create rapid movements that cause little air bubbles to develop the milk. It changes the texture of the milk from creamy liquid to much light and foamier. It’s something that you will get from a milk frother as well. But, milk steamers do more than that. 

While using a steamer, milk is exposed to steam. It heats the milk that offers some texture. What takes place during the milk-steaming method is a bit more complicated than just flothering the milk. As the steam heats the milk, the fats in it break down. This happens as a result of heated lactic sugar.

Steamed milk has a velvety texture. You get to drink a  beautiful latte with microfoam. When you look at properly steamed milk, it seems like it has a glossy finish. If you don’t prefer fommy coffee or lattes, invest in a quality automatic milk steamer. If you see too many bubbles in steamed milk, you have let too much air in. To avoid this, you can settle the bubbles by giving the cup a firm tap on the counter and swirling the cup around.

From us, you can buy a quality steam machine mainly named as Plus GEH 300 Steam Machine

# Plus GEH 300 Steam Machine

Designed with a large boiler to supply consistent hot water and quality steam production. This unit is perfect for a high volume site or for use at an event to ease the pressure on the espresso machine and maintain fast-paced service. 

  • The perfect solution for an additional and consistent supply of steam and hot water. 

  • Slimline vertical 13.5-litre boiler unit can fit into a small footprint where café operating space is a premium requiring only 10amp power. 

  • Super-fast and hygienic for a continuous supply of dry steam and up to 3 litres of hot water 

  • Electronic water level control display and safety alert 

To meet the ultimate demand of the Australian market for volume milk-based coffees and infused teas, Espresso Company has the GEH 300 from Plus, perfect for instant access to consistent hot water and the ultimate additional supply for powerful dry steam on demand.

The GEH 300 is ideal for preparing hot beverages or used to assist during times of peak supply for the preparation of textured milk for coffees. This high build quality, slimline, vertical boiler unit is suitable for tight spaces around the main espresso bar preparation area. The GEH 300 is ideal for mobile carts and markets.

  • Volumetric rotary pump for optional connection to external water reservoir/tank 13.5-litre stainless steel boiler capacity. 

  • Anti-vacuum valve. 

  • Slimline and convenient size to fit in confined spaces. 

  • Super-fast and hygienic. 

  • Steam pressure gauge for monitoring performance.

  • Able to steam continuously. 

  • A dispensed amount of hot water (up to 3 litres). 

  • Patented safety electronic water level display, which controls boiler water automatically, and has a unique water level alert.

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