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Markibar Commercial Coffee Grinder

Markibar is an expert coffee company that has been researching, designing, developing, and manufacturing for the automatic coffee grinders of Heroca professionals. 

Throughout the 30 years, the professionals at Markibar have been working hard to offer their clients innovative solutions to ensure the coffee’s quality in each cup. 

This company strives to bring all its experience and passion for innovation and to create automatic coffee grinders that will be capable of meeting individual requirements. Therefore, they can make the work of the Horeca professional easier. 

At Markibar, the engineers manufacture their products with local suppliers. This relationship helps them by ensuring quality, reliability and service from their facilities located in the North of Spain.

About the Company

Markibar is a leading company in the research, development, design, and manufacture of automatic coffee grinders for the hospitality industry. Their excellent coffee grinders will never disappoint even a single customer. 

They have been working hard for 30 years to serve their customers the best quality coffee grinders manufactured with innovative solutions to ensure coffee quality in every cup. 

At Markibar, the manufacturers expressed their passion for innovation and close relationships with their customers. And, maybe this close relationship helps them discover their needs and constantly improve their products as well.

Nowadays, leaving their facility, more than 50,000 Markibar coffee grinders are serving more than 20 countries to meet the demands of professionals in the hospitality industry. 

Besides, they collaborate with their local suppliers to guarantee quality, reliability and admirable services. Also, Markibar coffee grinders hold the European Union quality label.

In January 2020, they opened a new facility with a surface area of 1,000 m2. Their R&D innovation department takes care of the quality of products at their own test laboratory. They also have three assembly lines at constant temperature and separated from the outside. 

Technological Supremacy

The best part of Markibar grinders is that it is a grinding machine with built-in dispensers for one and two separate coffees. And this allows the professional baristas to combine high productivity with maximum ground coffee freshness.

It also enables the users to quickly switch the work more from pre-ground to On-demand. This feature brings a versatility of use that facilitates and optimises the workflows in coffeehouses the world over.

Their other innovations include the one or two coffee porta-filter identification system, independent grinding chamber, customisable designs, online grinder management, etc. And all these advanced technologies make this grinder and Markibar an innovation leader in the market.

In recent times their R&D department is working to launch the new IZAGA W coffee grinder with weight-based dosing. It will reflect a leap towards the future and forward in the quality and consistency of the doses the grinder dispenses (patented system).

Our Markibar Commercial Coffee Grinder Range

The super-efficient and easy-to-use Markibar commercial coffee grinder product is Markibar Markibar Izaga Key

Markibar Izaga Key

Markibar introduces the new coffee grinder IZAGA, collaborating innovative aesthetics and high-performance mechanics. The manufacturers have designed its innovative grinding point control, smart ventilation, isolated grinding chamber, precision mechanics and high-quality materials for coffee shops of high workload and maximum requirement.

 Assured Coffee Quality

  • Instant delivery of 1 and 2 coffee doses, independently programmable.

  • Grinding chamber separated from the motor, with intelligent ventilation for cooler grinding.

  • Coffee is always freshly ground.

  • Electronically controlled doses.

Ease of Use

  • High visibility alphanumeric Oled screen.

  • Two operating modes: Pre-ground or Grinding on Demand.

  • High precision grinding point control with bi-directional locking system for regulation without errors.

  • Automatic 1 or 2 coffee holder detection.


  • Customisable hopper for your Coffee Brand

  • Backlight front panel for advertising.

  • New design. High-quality materials

Ease of Maintenance

  • Convenience and speed of service.

  • A simple and very reliable design.

  • Online management of your coffee grinder park (optional).

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Order a highly efficient Markibar commercial coffee grinder from our Di Pacci Coffee Company. Our high-end coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. Also, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you and give you an apt solution!