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26 products

Value Packs

Transparency, traceability and quality have been our focus since we started. Dipacci Coffee Company is a leading Australian based distributor specialising in coffee machines for domestic, office and commercial markets. We are renowned experts in our field and understand corporate coffee and café business needs and will tailor our services to suit your individual requirements. We have been supplying premium coffee equipment and support for many years. We pride ourselves on our profound reputation and the quality of our products and services. From us, you can buy the very best coffees to offer and the coffee we source is the coffee we like to drink.

Here you can find everything related to coffee. We have grown to become an industry leader in the national supply of coffee equipment, preventative coffee machine service, and genuine coffee machine spare parts. Dipacci Coffee Company holds the Australian agencies for many world-leading brands of commercial and home coffee machines, including Markibar,  Nuova Simonelli,  Futurete Gaggia Milano,  Isomac Home Coffee Machines La Marzocco Home Coffee Machines Lacimbali, and more. These brands, coupled with high-technology infrastructure, and the implementation of the latest technology, offer a truly national solution to the coffee industry. Buy all our value packs at reasonable rates. 

# Precision Premium Starter Pack

The Precision Premium Barista Starter Pack includes everything Precision Coffee Tools has to offer to make an ultimate pack. Be a master barista with excellent coffee equipment for home or cafe.

Precision’s items are popular because of their quality design and manufacturing. Their innovative and unique designs are ideal for your regular use. The expert team ensures that each product goes through exclusive testing and popular brewing methods. Developments in coffee making technology have improved versatility as well as consistency and quality. The products are just as advanced, complex, and evolved as espresso machines and brewing equipment. As the industry’s knowledge continues to grow, Precision will keep developing to produce even better coffee.

# Dipacci Coffee Co. Barista Gift Pack

The perfect Christmas gift for any coffee connoisseur! The Dipacci gift pack comes with everything needed to get started with your espresso machine. It includes 600ml Jug, 1000ml Jug, 58mm Stainless Steel Tamper, Shot Glass, Corner Tamper Mat, Drip Scale, and more. 

# Aeropress Aeropress Kit

The Aerobie AeroPress has become a brewing device known worldwide for its outstanding coffee with simplicity in mind. Using AeroPress is a fast, easy and convenient way to brew excellent coffee at home and when you're out and about or at home. Aeropress heightens the sweetness and body in each cup.

The lightweight, easy to clean design has also made this everyday coffee maker known for its use while travelling ensuring you always have a crisp cup wherever you are. Take it camping, boating, hiking, travelling and the AeroPress performs in its element while still remaining a functional everyday home and office coffee maker.

The Aerobie AeroPress also includes 350 free paper filters to ensure you have a year's supply of filters. The Paper filters block sentiment ensuring a clean, full-bodied cup.

The combination of these three products allows you to take your AeroPress anywhere with ease and produce fantastic coffee for everyone!

# Dipacci Coffee Tamper + Tamper Mat + Coffee Beans Value Pack

This Value Pack includes:

  • 1x 1kg Di Pacci Signature Blend Coffee Beans (Normally $35)

  • 1x Di Pacci tamper (Normally $100)

  • 1x  Tamper Mat (Normally $35)

Coffee tampers are made from lightweight metal that matches the size of the basket and portafilter you are using to tamp. If your shop has more than one basket, you may have to invest in more than one tamper or on two-sided tampers. Depending on the size of your espresso basket buy a tamp that fits perfectly. 

# Cafetto Espresso Clean

The premium espresso machine cleaner for professional espresso machines. For daily back-flushing of group heads and cleaning filters/group handles on commercial and semi-commercial coffee machines. Espresso Clean is a safe, high-performance cleaning powder for semi-automatic espresso machines.  It is the result of an extensive evaluation of alternate products and first principle research of espresso machine cleaning and maintenance.

# Precision Intermediate Starter Pack

The Precision Intermediate Barista Starter Pack includes everything you need to get started with your domestic coffee machine.


  • 58mm Black Tamper

  • 58mm Coffee Distributor

  • 58mm Dosing Cup

  • Chocolate Shaker

  • Corner Tamper Mat

  • Home Knock Box

  • Milk Thermometer

  • 600ml Stainless Milk Pitcher

  • 500g Cafetto EVO Espresso Cleaner

We aim to provide coffee machines and their parts with a focus on preventative maintenance for trade and home. When it comes to coffee equipment, you can profit from our experience. Other than this you can also collect  Dipacci Coffee Co. Barista Gift Pack,  Dipacci Coffee Co. Alternative Coffee Brewing Pack,  Dipacci Coffee Co. 8kg Coffee With Free Precision Tamper,  Di Pacci Coffee Tamper + 300ml Milk Jug + Coffee Beans Value Pack,  and more. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to  contact us.