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Ascaso Factory is a Barcelona-based coffee grinder manufacturer. This brand has been creating supreme quality coffee machines and grinders since 1962. These highly efficient grinders allow people to prepare perfect espresso according to their taste. At this company, the manufacturers built these grinders with premium quality materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, brass, etc. and state-of-the-art technology. Mirror-polish finish with an artisan-mechanical process gives this grinder its own character to each piece.


J. Ascaso founded this factory in the year of 1962. He was born in a small village in the Huesca mountains. From a young age, he had a great entrepreneurial spirit. He left his birthplace and moved to Barcelona with 3,000 pesetas in his pocket and a mind full of creative and innovative ideas.

In 1950, J. Ascaso started working for a company supplying chrome-plated espresso machine parts. Also, he was associated with the Gaggia production line from 1952 to 1962, making parts for one of the world's most renowned coffee machine companies.

At the contemporary time, J. Ascaso decided to manufacture parts and components for all coffee machines on the market as the need for espresso machine maintenance and repair services was growing. Ultimately, in 1962, he established his own company. And get started running his business by producing and distributing spare parts for espresso coffee machines.

Ascaso Factory sells its products in more than 95 countries with the guidance of JL. Ascaso (the son of the founder) in current times. He is responsible for the diversification of the company over recent years. It has facilities occupying over 4,000 m² and 50 employees.

Product Quality

The manufacturers use top quality materials and meticulous design of components, making the Ascaso home coffee grinders stand out from the rest. At Ascaso company, all the coffee grinders and machines get ready painstakingly by the skilled hands of their craftsmen. This company comprises an internal quality control system consisting of over 25 points of inspection. Every machine undergoes a one-by-one test to reassure its quality. 

With a specially created robot, the manufacturers use an intensive programme for all their machines’ functions. The latest mechanical engineering and computer systems give every last detail of information about the machine and how it performs with use. So, if you want to purchase a supreme quality home coffee grinder, consider choosing from the Ascaso home coffee grinder range.

Technological Excellence

Initially, this brand worked mainly with boilers made of brass. But currently, they use their own stainless steel thermo blocks. They prioritize health and safety while running on the process. Their new approach resulted in a brief heating period and significantly lower energy consumption than other coffee machines on the market.


Ascaso Factory has prolonged the international warranty to 5 years on all of their boilers & groups purchased from 2019. However, you must use the correct filtration system and do regular maintenance to ensure that the product warranty remains in force. Remember, the connection of the coffee machine to the earthing should comply with the electrical regulations that are currently in force. Also, you must not avoid using acids or corrosive products for cleaning the machine. 

Our Ascaso Home Coffee Grinder Range

Our supreme quality home coffee grinder is Ascaso i- mini

Ascaso i- mini

The i-mini belongs to Ascaso’s domestic coffee grinder range. It is a great companion to your Dream coffee machine. The eye-catching look and excellent features make this grinder more alluring. The body of the machine is made out of high-quality aluminium and comes in several different colours and finishes. This machine is completely made and polished by a premium quality coating. This hand-made machine leaves the factory looking and working perfectly.

In this model, the milling equipment is made from specially tempered steel. This is the same steel that gets used in professional high-performance coffee grinders. Service life: 600 kilos.


  • 54mm flat burrs

  • Micrometric adjustment

  • Unbreakable 250g hopper

  • Professional grinding group

  • Electronic timer

  • Hooper

  • Hand polished, and so on.

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Buy an Ascaso home coffee grinder at Di Pacci Coffee Company. Or, you may contact us to acquire more info on our products. We would love to hear from you!