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18 products

Coffee Blend

A coffee blend is a coffee that’s made up of coffee beans that originate from more than one place. The word “place” refers to a very micro-level division of place that includes varying altitudes on the same producing farm, different regions, or small areas within the same producing region. So, coffee blends are available in many shapes and forms. It creates the perfect taste potential for a set market preference / specific customer demand / bespoke brewing method, allowing the end-user to brew it in an accessible way at home or in his/hers business premises.

Before buying the coffee blends make sure to look at the components of the blends provided on the bag labels. It should include the specific farm/processing station name and the country of origin are detailed, or at least some information to allow consumers full transparency. 

Coffee blending is done for multiple reasons and commercially it’s a strategy used by the coffee roaster. It should meet a certain price point without sacrificing the flavour or should meet the specific quantity and other requirements for their entire production process. Blending is important to the complex flavour preferences or requirements of an individual. Occasionally it is ideal for a client’s bespoke coffee needs or to appeal to a market’s expectations of coffee flavour more easily.

We often blend coffee to produce a complex and unique taste that you can’t produce from a single coffee varietal. Every coffee has a certain set of intrinsic flavours. 

At  Dipacci Coffee Company  we neither produce nor stand by from a quality perspective. We focus on buying into and showcasing great ethics and quality, and the hard work that goes into producing both. From us you can buy  Single Origin Of The Month - Panama Finca,  Dipacci Coffee Co. Decaf Beans 1kg,  Sydney Road Blend 250g,  Dipacci Espresso Elements Blend 250g,  Dipacci Coffee Co. Sample Pack (4 X 250g) Afterdark Blend 1kg,  Elements Blend 1kg,  Di Pacci Arabian Blend 1kg,  Dipacci Coffee Co. Arabian Blend 1kg,  and more. 

# Single Origin Of The Month - Panama Finca

This is in the famous coffee growing area of Boquetem Chiriqui, well known for its gorgeous coffees. A family farm that has been operating since 1898, Four generations of the Vásquez have farmed in the foothills of Volcán Barú in an area called Volcancito. The farm is at an altitude of 1500 to 2000 MASL with 70 hectares of land. 59 hectares are coffee, 11 dedicated to a natural reserve.

Tony Vásquez [Don Tony] put the estate on the world coffee map with his outstanding Geisha coffees and is recognised for his tireless hard work in driving quality not just with his estate but for Panamanian coffee in general.

Taste: Dark chocolate - Walnuts - Lollipop Pear and Green Apple

Region: Volcancito, Boquete

Altitude: 1500 - 2000 meters above sea level

Process: Washed

# Sydney Road Blend 250g

Lightly liquored with caramel overtones, chocolate richness enveloped in a full, resonating body with a floral aroma. Sydney Road is sweet, aromatic and perfectly balanced with a long fine finish.


Brazil • Ethiopia • Papua New Guinea

Tasting Notes

Sweet • Balanced • Caramel • Chocolate

Sweet, aromatic and perfectly balanced with caramel overtones and chocolate richness.

# Dipacci Coffee Co. Signature Blend 1kg

  • Origin  |  A blend of Arabica Beans from Central and South America, Africa, South East Asia and India.

  • Taste  |  Heavily liquored with Caramel overtones, Chocolate richness enveloped in a full, resonating body with a floral aroma. The Signature Blend is sweet, aromatic and perfectly balanced with a long fine finish.

  • Body  |  Balanced with a long fine finish.

  • Aroma  |  Hints of Florals and Cocoa.

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We also offer  Milk Thermometer,  Milk Pitcher, Coffee Tamper, Coffee Machine Cleaner etc. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to  contact us.  Buy Coffee Blend from  Dipacci Coffee Company  today!