ECM Coffee Grinders For Home

6 products

6 products

ECM Coffee Grinders For Home

ECM Coffee Grinders For Home manufactures premium grinders for the home. The company has been associated with the business for multiple years. Depending on the passion and love for work all the products are the elements of their hardships. Their ultimate mission is to provide the user with a perfect cup of espresso. The product range is rounded a wide range of espresso accessories, grinders, and machines. 

The team of ECM Coffee Grinders has young, highly-motivated and enthusiastic members. The products are made with top-rated items to satisfy the requirements of the customer. 

About ECM

The company began their journey 25 years ago. The vision founder Wolfgang Hauck and together with the then partner ECM S.p.A from Italy have encouraged themselves to achieve something big and great with their innovative ideas. They have started their journey in a different way. In the beginning, they used to manufacture heat exchanger espresso machines for upscale households.

The professionals have followed the tried-and-tested components from the world of professional technology. With all the latest technology Hauck turned his dream project into reality in1996. That’s for the first time when he built the market for his own product and items. It’s the uniqueness of the product that gained popularity in a short amount of time. The first version of the "ECM Technika" model, which is still popular today. Step by step, more models were added to their list. 

In Italy, the machines were arranged in the same factory, where the ultimatum of the ECM machines and grinders were manufactured. The demands for the modern age home grinders with  Italian espresso bar character and flair elevated the company’s growth rapidly. However, in 2005, the partnership with the Italian corporates came to an end. Everything came under the leadership of Germany. 

The production initially outsourced the third company as the "extended workbench", which the company took charge of after two years. The ECM range is presently manufactured at two locations - Italy and Germany. 

Even though Italy left the business their partial involvement still exists. They get the share of manufacturing the single-boiler and heat exchanger models. In Germany, the dual-boiler Synchronika model, the commercial machines, and the entire range of grinders are manufactured fulfilling all the requirements of yours. 

In the year 2009, Wolfgang Hauck’s son, Michael Hauck, joined the company’s managerial team. To this day, he is successfully managing the company fulfilling all the requirements. He is not only the owner of an ever-growing, motivated team of coffee enthusiasts but also plays an absolutely vital role as an idea generator in terms of product development and design.  

The Hauck generation is really passionate about what they are doing or manufacturing. They have spread their business both nationally and internationally. 

The family has collected a unique and advanced selection of historic equipment over the years. The collection of antiques and coffee relics are available in their private in-house museum that acts as the heart of the ECM company. Their compulsion for the impressive craftsmanship and design achievements of the early espresso machine and grinder manufacturing.

Our Range Of ECM Coffee Grinders

You can collect the following ECM Coffee Grinders from us: ECM S-Automatik 64, ECM C-Manuale 54, ECM S-Manuale 64, ECM V-Titan 64, ECM Stainless Steel Hopper Lids, ECM Stainless Steel Grinding Gear, and ECM Equipment Holder (Wall Mounted).

ECM S-Automatik 64

The S-Automatik 64 is a powerful on-demand coffee grinder with a captivating look. Combining ECM’s signature stainless steel body with some seriously impressive internals; The S-Automatik 64 is bringing a new meaning to Coffee at home. The grinder has an easy to use digital display and can set a timed single or double dose. The S-Automatik 64 is easily adjusted with step-less grind adjustment.

ECM C-Manuale 54

The newest addition to the ECM family; The C-Manuale 54! The smallest grinder in the ECM range. The C-Manuale 54 is a great option for the home barista and combines good looks with some impressive performance.

ECM S-Manuale 64

The S-Manuale 64 is a powerful on-demand coffee grinder with a captivating look. Combining ECM’s signature stainless steel body with some seriously impressive internals; The S-Manuale 64 is bringing a new meaning to Coffee at home. The S- 64 is easily adjusted with step-less grind adjustment.

Our Other Products

You can also purchase, Deli coffee grinder, a Baratza coffee grinder, a Precision coffee grinder, Niche coffee grinder, a Compak coffee grinder, Eureka coffee grinder, Fiorenzato coffee grinder, Isomac coffee grinder, Macap coffee grinder, and many others.

We also offer a wide range of accessories, including  Milk Thermometer, Milk Pitcher, Coffee Tamper, and more. 

Buy ECM Coffee Grinders at  Di Pacci Coffee Company. Or, you may  contact us to acquire more info on our products.