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26 products


Melitta Caffeo helps its consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. They manufacture high-end automatic coffee machines for satisfying even their most demanding customers. To them, coffee enjoyment is at the heart of everything. Because of coffee strength, temperature, coffee amount, milk and milk froth quantity as well as other parameters, it has become one of the leading coffee machine brands serving people for a long time. Their highly efficient product CAFFEO® CI® can prepare even two cups of all specialties at the push of a button.

It is an international family-owned group of companies. This brand carries out its 100 years back tradition to hold the authentic taste of coffee. They also manufacture products for tea enjoyment. Some of their most popular brands in Germany are- Melitta®, Cilia®, Swirl®, and Toppits®.

About the Company

Consumers will find everything that you need to make a perfect cup of espresso under the Melitta® brand. From a filter and bean coffee, coffee pods to filter bags, hand filters, filter coffee machines- they leave nothing. Their motto is to spread the authentic taste of coffee worldwide. And, thus they distribute their products to over 40 countries in the world. 


In 1908, the founder of the company, Melitta Bentz developed the world's first coffee filter with the help of a brass can and a sheet of blotting paper. She started this journey with ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion. And her passion successfully expanded the company and thus laid the foundation for today's corporate group.

The Evolution of Melitta Caffeo

Melitta Caffeo has revolutionized the preparation of coffee several times throughout these 100 years. For the first time, they introduced filter-fine ground and vacuum-packed coffee and the first electric filter coffee machine on the German market. They moved the entire coffee machine industry with their high-quality filter bags with the patented Aromapor® paper. Therefore, this brand represents special coffee enjoyment and is one of the leading and best-selling brands in the coffee segment.

Our Melitta Caffeo Coffee Machine Range

Our supreme quality Melitta Caffeo coffee machine range includes Melitta Purista Series 300, Melitta CI Touch, SOLO BLACK, Melitta XT180 GMC - 1.8L Glass Jug, Melitta Cafina XT180 TMC, and many more. 

Melitta Purista Series 300

Like its name, Purista® only aims to make coffee that makes every coffee lover feel wow. It is one of the narrowest fully automatic coffee machines in the world. This machine will give you easy access by offering you a modern front panel, large, integrated buttons, and a large rotary switch. It also incorporates a newly designed drip tray with an integrated high-quality anti-scratch plastic insert.

Melitta CI Touch

For many coffee lovers, personal coffee recipes are a real individual philosophy. With the Melitta® Caffeo® CI®, we give you an automatic coffee machine that is apt to meet the individual preferences of up to four people very simply. Intelligent technology and well-thought-out features make our machines ideal for discerning coffee lovers. Its exclusive features, including 'My Coffee Memory', 'Bean Select', the 'Plug-in-Milksystem' or the 'Original Preparation Process' will give you the ultimate pleasure.


Solo Black is an exclusive product of our Melitta Caffeo. Its sleek, flawless, and black external parts can make anyone fall in love with this machine. It features-

  • Removable Drip Tray

  • Removable Water Tank

  • Built-In Grinder

  • Self-Cleaning option

  • Energy Saving Mode

  • Auto Shut-Off, and many more.

Melitta XT180 GMC - 1.8L Glass Jug

The Cafina XT180 from Melitta is a highly demanding machine for Filter Coffee. It is sleek and functional, taking the manual elements out of brewing delicious filter coffee.

This machine gives a perfect solution for batch brewing and can make up to 125 cups of fresh filter coffee per hour. Its design includes two hotplates to keep your brew warm. Also, this machine has one glass server with a capacity of 1.8 litres. A robust touch display made of strong polycarbonate and a dishwasher-safe filter makes it more user-friendly. But remember, you cannot connect this machine to a water supply because it already includes the tank in itself.

Melitta Cafina XT180 TMC

This efficient coffee machine is loved by many people because of its exceptional features. These user-friendly features include-

  • Robust touch display with LCD panel and LED signals

  • 1 full jug = 15 cups of filter coffee

  • Jug detector

  • Descaling setting

  • Sound functions

  • he Aroma Selector

  • Programme button, and many more.

Our Other Products

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