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5 products

Quick Mill

Quick Mill is one of the largest and most respected Italian espresso machine manufacturers that specialize in the production of coffee machines and grinders. They are known internationally for creating superior quality home coffee machines and grinders since 1945 to give you heavenly tastes and rich coffee. All their machines are made of exceptionally high-quality materials and with the assistance of highly skilled technicians. Buy a Quick Mill coffee machine at  Di Pacci!

 About Quick Mill

 Quick Mill has a proud history of producing high-end coffee machines and grinders for both the domestic and commercial sectors. Their firm is located in Senago, near Milan, in Northern Italy. They produce their coffee machines entirely in their firm, aiming to reach their customers with the best products to enhance their experience of drinking coffee.

At the firm, they have a technical office to invent new strategies for the project and development of new products, increase the efficiency and capability of the machines, and make a stock for machines and spare parts. They strive to make the purchase of the customers more reliable and easy. To create an improved communication medium, there is always someone who speaks English, German, French and Spanish. Thus, all the customers get full support and customer service in case of commercial and technical questions. 

 Product Quality and Technology

 Their motto has always been “Made to last for years”. All their products are built in Italy with top-quality materials, including copper, brass, and stainless steel. They strive to offer quality products with a neat and essential design that is fully functional and simple to use. With the advent of modern technology and science, machines have become more efficient and capable of meeting the ultimate satisfaction of the customers. 

 The Quick Mill home coffee machines have made a special place in the heart of coffee lovers because of the use of superior quality materials and the steadfast design of components. The joint effort of all the components and skilled craftsmen make the Quick Mill home coffee machines stand out from the rest.

 Our Quick Mill Home Coffee Machine Range

 Our Quick Mill Home Coffee Machine range includes  Quick Mill Rubino,  The Coffee Sensor E61 Grouphead Thermometer,  Vetrano,  Quick Mill QM67 PID,  and   Quick Mill Pippa

 # Quick Mill Rubino

 The  RUBINO  is the latest creation of the QUICK MILL brand. It is compact, just 265 mm wide. It works with a vibration pump that is attached to a pulsor. It is a device that promotes stability of the pump pressure and improves quietness (exclusive Quick Mill product)

 RUBINO encompasses a pressure boiler with a heat exchanger.

The coffee group is of the type E61 and allows good stability of the extraction temperature.

 Technical Features

  • Manometer boiler pressure control

  • Automatic pump refilling with electronic level sensor

  • Steel water wand

  • Steel steam wand

  • Low water magnetic sensor

  • Capacity water tank Lt. 3

  • New design cup warmer

  • Vibration pump with pulsor

  • Groupe type E61

  • Manometer boiler pressure control

 Dimensions: WxDxH cm 26, 5x45x37, 220 volts, 50Hz Power Consumption, 1500 w Shuko plug

 Included accessories: Blind filter, 2 filter holders for a cup and two cups, plastic tamper, and cleaning brush head.

 Warranty: Two years

#The Coffee Sensor E61 Grouphead Thermometer

 The  Coffee Sensor E61 Grouphead Thermometer  is popular for giving an extra degree of consistency to your espresso brewing experience. It will help brew the coffee at the ideal temperature (88°c - 94°c) and get a cup of delicious coffee.

 It includes everything for a quick and easy installation.

 How to install:

  • Turn off the water mains tap if it is plumbed to water mains.

  • Take off the hexagonal screw on top of it.

  • Screw in the major part of the thermometer to ensure that the copper washer is installed.

  • Push in the thermometer as far in as it will go and tighten both nuts with the wrench included.

  • Switch on machine water mains to make a coffee with a blind filter - check if there are leaks - tighten if necessary.

Compatible with: Vibiemme, Most E61 Group Heads w/ M6 thread, Faema, Pavoni, ECM, Rocket, Isomac, Bezzera.


 Dimensions-37mm (W) x 61mm (H), LCD display size-20mm (W) x 7.5mm (D), Display-Celsius or Fahrenheit readings, Accuracy- ±2℃ 80℃-120℃, Battery-LR44

# Quick Mill Pippa

 Quick Mill Pippa  is new in stock at Dipacci. It is a machine made for everyone.


  • Stainless steel body

  • 1.8L water tank 

  • 1000W heating element

  • Semi-professional group

  • 0.45L boiler capacity

 Our Other Products

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 Order Quick Mill Coffee Machine online from  Di Pacci Coffee Company. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to  contact us.  We would love to hear from you.