Automatic Tampers

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11 products

Automatic Tampers

Automatic tamper is revolutionary electric countertop equipment for professional baristas to tamp coffee perfectly, making coffee more effective. It has become one of the most beneficial fruits of technology to have consistent and rich coffee anytime you want. 

One of the common problems that professional baristas experience is inconsistency. If you want every single cup of coffee with perfect consistency, this auto tamper will come in handy. The professionals face numerous variables, including tamping pressure, grind setting, coffee done weight, and angles of the tamper while temping. The experts suggest using a scale to weigh your coffee dose in the portafilter and a coffee scale to reach relatively consistent tamping pressure. 

An automatic tamper is the ultimate solution for this problem and it speeds up transaction times considerably. 

The price of automatic coffee tampers is much higher than manual tampers. It’s because the features of the equipment make the entire process a lot easier for the users. With an automatic coffee tamper, you may adjust the grinder easily and make a cup with the same pressure, the flavour much more stable. This tamper allows everyone to make espresso like a professional barista. Also, tamping the coffee becomes more convenient and you do not have to worry about your arms getting hurt. 

Ensure the supreme quality of your express with our wide range of top-notch automatic tampers’ collection:  PUQPRESS Q1 Automatic Tamper,  Cinoart PT2  Automatic Coffee Tamper,   Auto Press - Automatic Tamper,  and many more. 


Tamping is an essential part of a barista's craft. But with conventional or manual methods, you need to use your hands, damaging shoulders and wrists by using them hundreds of times a day. Buy now, Puqpress delivers the perfect tamp for you. It allows you to utilise time for exploring your creativity and craftsmanship.

Hand-made coffees will always stay superior while the significance of baristas and automation is a hot topic in the Coffee Industry. Puqpress is the ultimate solution for those who still like tampers and tamping. 

The popularity behind this item is its efficiency and role in espresso making. It tamps with more consistency than an individual does, especially during a hectic schedule. So auto tampers become handy to the excellent but busy baristas. This will ensure the quality of the coffee for the people in line to get what the professionals are offering.


Cinoart is not only a 3D digital coffee printer manufacturer but also a trusted and well-established surface treatment solution provider. They strive to develop technology in a more funny, simple and easy to use way. They aim to make their coffee lover customers around the world by spreading good vibes. The professionals are on their way to developing more amazingly efficient coffee products. 

Automatic coffee tampers from Cinoart is a precision tool for helping you make the best coffee possible. It gives consistent and perfect tamping pressure, ensuring quality espresso every time. Also, the in-built GLS helps to remove channelling by levelling the coffee bed after tamping. It will ensure perfect tamping every time, maximising the extraction of your espresso shots. An ideal tool for baristas who are looking to increase productivity and consistency!

#Auto Press

For a professional barista, the most difficult part in espresso making is to deliver an even, consistent tamping pressure to every shot. While it is possible to measure within a certain range, today's coffee lovers demand better coffee. Auto Press tamping machine is your ticket to absolute control and quality.

When you need a fast, accurate, and super silent solution for coffee tamping, Auto Press is the answer. This equipment rakes control of the ideal pressure for making the perfect cup of espresso. The auto tamper from Auto Press always compresses perfectly and it stays constant regardless of the coffee dose. It is best for those who want a tamper that does it all at a lower cost.


  • Reduced Waste from Inconsistent Tamping under Pressure

  • Reduces the Chance of Developing RSI or Other Repetitive Injuries

  • Absolute Pressure Consistency and Accuracy

  • Control Over Tamp Pressure

  • Increased Hourly Output

  • One-Touch Operation

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We guarantee that our high-end coffee products will make your coffee experience better than before. So, purchase an automatic tamper from  Dipacci Coffee Company. We never compromise on the quality of our materials. You may  contact us  to acquire more info on our other products. We would love to hear from you!