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2 products

La San Marco Commercial Coffee Machine 

La San Marco is a tale of passion, quality, design, and punctuality. A beautifully-designed machine that perfectly sets off any bar, conveying a sense of professional technology and elegance. Every day the professionals have renewed their commitment to do their best for connoisseurs of Italian espresso. Their machines are designed for easy adjustment of the operating parameters, simplifying the task of users all over the world.


As a leading representation for espresso coffee machines, La san Marco is the worldwide standard bearer for the best from tradition and innovation. The evolution of their machines is displayed in multiple models that are still admired today for their unique qualities and are fondly remembered by those who used them or benefited from them.

The original La San Marco logo is the mythical winged lion. It’s the debut of the 900 series. Since then they have worked with different logos like Lollobrigida and Disco Volante models of the fifties, and on to those of the SM era and the successes of the 85, 95, 100 and New 105 Multiboiler Series.

The story of this commercial coffee machine company is Italian. And, it has successfully carried the great tradition, passion, and success of espresso coffee around the world. Its history is quite enchanting. The company is now firmly established as a sector leader thanks to its solid organisation and efficient sales network.

La San Marco proposes on the national and international market increasingly evolved and competitive espresso machines. It continuously reasserts the prestige of its mark all over the world. They are protecting their business by means of commitment, the spirit of cooperation and interaction of management, design, production and sales forces.

Innovation & Tradition

The company has established their business as a whole by acknowledging the past and gaining knowledge by learning from its experience. They are constantly looking forward to new prospects, processes and solutions, and to technological advances. 

The professionals embrace tradition and innovation together, bringing forward the strength and pride from their past. They have the capacity for synthesis that highlights their significance and essential features. It is this capacity for synthesis that makes them superior to the rest. Their products, services and support allow them to export Italy’s great coffee culture and technological excellence into five continents. 

Design And Functionality

La San Marco coffee machines are beautiful coffee machines. While planning new models they always rely on the styles and tastes of qualified industrial designers and other talents. The lines and colours of the machines are carefully crafted, designed, and planned, with the ergonomic aspects of functionality and usability always kept firmly in mind.

Ultimate Quality

Quality and craftsmanship is the ultimate and key value of the entire manufacturing process. The experts look after the product specification to design, from prototyping to construction of bodywork, boilers and mechanical components. It also includes the assembly lines and logistics. You can trust them for their management facility, monitoring ability, and control. Everything is controlled by the company’s technicians to ensure high product quality and superior customer service.

The company is certified quality and health and safety management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001 - BS OHSAS 18001

Our La San Marco Coffee Machine Range

You can collect the following items from our shop: LA SAN MARCO 80 LEVA and LA SAN MARCO 105 M

# La San Marco 80 Leva

Leva machine from San Marco


  • Leva system

  • Custom painting available

  • Separate valve for steam and hot water

# La San Marco 105 M

Multi boiler machine from San Marco


  • Multi boiler

  • Programming of pre-infusion

  • Water temperature mixer adjustment

  • Internal motor pump

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