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1 product

Slayer Home Coffee Machines 


Slayer specialises in designing and manufacturing quality espresso machines for the coffee aficionado. Since 2007, Slayer’s revolutionary and innovative products are inspiring the transformation in coffee and have boosted the global standard for their specialty. Slayer leads the resurgence of espresso machine innovation with top-rated products, unassailable vision, and an excellent team of coffee professionals.   


Slayer Espresso, a Seattle-based maker of high-end espresso machines, has been purchased by Gruppo Cimbali, an Italian manufacturer of coffee equipment.

The father of the founder and CEO of Slayer Espresso, Jason Prefontaine, owned a roasting company. He grew up quite familiar with the coffee bean. Prefontaine slowly became an espresso machine importer, selling and servicing machines. After opening a roasting company, he learned about making coffee. The more he proceeded, he believed that traditional coffee machines could not pull the flavours of the aromatic coffee beans. With the gained experience, he wanted to update the machines leaving behind all the old techniques and barriers. 

In 2007, Jason Prefontaine remembered an Italian guy who used to make him coffee on an old-style lever machine. The flavour and texture were memorable. At Slayer, they bought the springs from those machines and had them installed to inspect the force of the spring. To plot the pressure profile of the exertion, they took help from Physics, hoping to design a machine to manipulate the pressure. 

Soon, Prefontaine realized that the coffee he was roasting tasted better with pour-over brewed coffee. The ground coffee gets the time to release CO2s, the component that makes coffee taste bitter. This process helped him extract more oils from the coffee beans, thereby, coating the tongue with delicious oils that mask any bitterness in the coffee.

Build Quality

Slayer describes the Single Group as a commercial machine that fits well in the home. Each one is handcrafted using top-rated materials and parts that are sturdy and durable. The standard model is undoubtedly attractive and can alter every aspect to your taste.

Slayer is every serious barista’s dream machine. In a compact footprint, Slayer Single Group packs steam valves, commercial heads, and a brew actuator. The V4 updates are the internal features that involve a revised pump, a new on/off switch, improved OLED, and other internal improvements.

The single group also offers a new touchscreen interface that enhances the flavour profiling and assists in temperature management to deliver one group machine with exceptional capabilities.


The Slayer espresso maker involves unique technology you’ve probably never encountered before. Anyone that knows how to make coffee can use it. The Slayer is not a complicated home coffee machine. 

Cleaning And Maintenance 

Cleaning this machine is the same as for any high-end coffee maker. You can use filtered water to reduce the build-ups or stains and then backflush it regularly. The simple and well-thought-out design makes maintenance as easy as possible. Investing in the Slayer Espresso is worth it. 

Our Slayer Home Coffee Machines

Our SLAYER ESPRESSO SINGLE GROUP V4 combines the same component of Slayers commercial machines into one of the most powerful home coffee machines worldwide. The new touch screen makes flavour profiling and temperature management easy. 

Other significant features include: Dual boiler machine, European Ash wood handles, and actuators, Glass touchscreen display, Automatic shot timers, Shot mirror, Hot water tap, PID temperature & pressure control, Personalized steam pressure with PID & customizable wand tip, Pre-heat coil for brew temperature stability, Direct plumb, and more. With the dual boiler facility, its weight is 70 kg. 

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