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Coffee Queen

Born in Sweden, the legacy of Varmland, Coffee Queen is the brand for manual and automatic filter coffee brewers. It’s the perfect combination of instant coffee machines and juice dispensers. The Coffee Queen coffee machine is an affordable, entry-level coffee maker for offices and other commercial places with staff who want to enjoy freshly brewed coffee. It functions much the same way that an advanced coffee machine does, making it ideal for groups of people.

About Coffee Queen Coffee Machine

Coffee Queen Coffee Machine offers many ways to prepare your espresso according to your own taste. You can install these machines for their outstanding and superficial industrial designs. Also, all coffee machines built by Coffee Queen are built with top-rated materials and tools making them stand apart from the rest. It also highlights state-of-the-art technology. More and more office managers want to improve their employee’s working environment through the introduction of an office coffee machine. So, the popularity of Coffee Queen machines has grown rapidly. The enriched and flavorful coffee helps to create improves staff happiness and ensures they continue to receive the same comforts that they had at home. 

You are making a large investment in this coffee machine. The machine helps you elevate your energy levels and stimulate productivity. The coffee keeps employees awake and more alert throughout their working day, improving productivity in the workplace. It’s been proven that regular breaks from the computer screen can vastly improve employee productivity. Through investment in a quality, office coffee machine, no longer will your employees feel the need to leave the office to order coffee from the cafe around the corner. 

Buying a Coffee Queen Coffee Machine is a one-time expense. Once you have invested in the machine, rest assured it will provide you with the same service again and again. If you weigh the options and really think about what will be better for you — and your budget - consider buying this coffee machine for the best. 

Baristas prefer coffee machines that display the brewing temperature. With this facility, you can check the temperature on the top-of-the-line machines. It’s a version that automatically shuts off, so you won’t need to worry about one more thing as you rush to work.

This coffee machine is ideal for regular cleaning. However, professional cleaning is required after a few uses. You don’t want to make do with a coffee pot you hate, so it’s smart to buy it from our store. 

Product Quality

The use of top-quality materials and painstaking design of components make Coffee Queen stand out from the rest. All coffee machines by Coffee Queen are manufactured meticulously by the skilled hands of their craftsmen. The company has an internal quality control system and each of their machines undergoes a one-by-one test. 

The latest mechanical engineering and computer systems give every last detail of information about the machine and how it performs with use. So, if you are looking to buy a quality coffee machine, consider choosing from the Coffee Queen coffee machine range. 

Our Coffee Queen Coffee Machine Range

Our Coffee Queen coffee machine range includes Coffee Queen Brilliance.

# Coffee Queen Brilliance

A fully automatic espresso machine with an integrated grinder, which serves a perfect espresso using freshly ground beans. You can choose between 7 different varieties of beverage as well as hot water all brewed directly into your cup, by just pressing a button. Brilliance has automatic water filling, one large bean hopper for beans and two ingredient canisters for soluble products.


  • 15 bar pump

  • 2kg bean hopper

  • 2 ingredient canisters

  • Up to 7 different beverage options

  • 100 cups/ hour

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