FAQs About Coffee Machines & Grinders


The coffee machine faqs are a great resource for anyone who is looking to buy a coffee machine. They provide helpful information on a variety of topics, including how to choose the right machine for your needs, how to use a machine, and how to care for your machine. They also offer advice on what to look for when buying a machine, and how to troubleshoot common problems. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a experienced coffee drinker, the coffee machine faqs can help you make the best purchase for your needs.


1. How often do we do servicing?

Home coffee machines should be serviced every 12-18 months, if you are doing 2-3 coffees a day generally.

On the other hand, commercial coffee machine's water filter/servicing should be done every 6 months depending on the volume of the coffee used in it. For example - if you are doing less than 20kg/week, the servicing should be done every 12 months. For 20kg/week, the servicing should be done every 6 months. For more than 50kg/week, the servicing should be done every 3 months.

2. How often do you clean my machine?

The back wash should be done every day to clean the coffee machines for both commercial & home coffee machines. Chemical wash should be done every 2 weeks/nights depending on the volume.

3. How do I setup/ dialling in my grinder?

The grinder setup/dialing in depends on the coffee brands, coffee roast, moister level, humidity, air, light, temperature.

4. How do I make my coffee taste better?

The taste of your coffee depends on the freshness of the coffee beans, the recipe, the texture of milk and extraction. So, make sure the coffee beans are fresh after grinding(between 2-4 weeks old) and make sure to follow the right recipe.

5. How can I store coffee beans?

The recommended way to store the coffee beans is to store it in cool dark air tight container.

6. How do I know if I am buying fresh coffee beans?

Every coffee bean bag comes with the roasted date printed on it. The optimum date for the coffee is in between 2-4 weeks from that roasted date. So, it should be bought 2 weeks before you wish to consume.