FAQs About Coffee Machines & Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, are a collection of queries and responses pertaining to a specific subject. FAQs are frequently used to provide details on a good or service or to respond to frequently asked inquiries about a business or organisation. A website, printed brochure, or customer service agent can all provide access to FAQs, which are often arranged in a question-and-answer format.

Anyone wanting to purchase a coffee maker should definitely check out the coffee machine FAQs. They offer useful advice on a range of subjects, such as how to pick the best equipment for your requirements, how to use a machine, and how to take care of your machine. They also provide guidance on what to look for when purchasing a machine and how to solve typical issues. The coffee machine FAQs can assist you in selecting the perfect machine for your requirements, whether you are a novice buyer or a seasoned coffee consumer.


1. How often do we perform maintenance servicing?

If you typically drink 2-3 coffees a day, home coffee makers should be serviced every 12 to 18 months.

On the other hand, depending on how much coffee is consumed in it, commercial coffee machine water filter/servicing should be done every six months. For instance, if your weight loss goal is less than 20 kg per week, service should be done once every 12 months. Every six months for 20kg/week, maintenance should be carried out. The servicing needs to be done every three months for more than 50kg each week.


2. How frequently do you clean my equipment?

Both commercial and residential coffee makers should be back washed daily to keep them clean. Depending on the volume, chemical washing should be performed every two weeks or nights.

3. How do I dial in or set up my grinder?

The coffee brands, coffee roast, moister level, humidity, air, light, and temperature all affect how the grinder is set up


4. How can I improve the flavour of my coffee?

Your coffee's flavour is influenced by the recipe, the milk's texture, the extraction method, and the freshness of the coffee beans. Therefore, ensure that the coffee beans are fresh after grinding (between 2-4 weeks old) and that the correct formula is followed.

5. How should coffee beans be stored?

The best way to keep coffee beans is in an airtight container that is cool and dark.

6. How can I tell if the coffee beans I'm buying are new?

The date that the coffee was roasted is printed on every bag of coffee beans. The coffee should be consumed within two to four weeks following the roasting date. Therefore, you should buy it two weeks before you intend to consume