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Whether you are just starting out as a barista or wanting to perfect your latte art; We can teach you the skills you need to succeed. We have spent years perfecting our barista training courses to ensure that every crucial element is covered and you will leave with all of the information needed to be a successful barista.

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Barista course outline will teach the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and:

Prepare and present each of the following espresso-based coffee beverages on three different occasions within commercial timeframes:

Caffe latte, cappuccino, espresso (short black), flat white, long black, piccolo latte, mocha, ristretto, short and long macchiato

Monitor quality indicators for extraction as listed in the knowledge evidence during preparation of the above espresso coffee beverages and make adjustments to restore extraction to required standard

Present the above espresso coffee beverages and accompaniments demonstrating consistency and quality of:

Appearance, aroma, body, crema on top of the espresso, flavour, strength, volume

Program coffee machine volume:

Use the correct equipment, ingredients and measures to prepare the above espresso coffee beverages

Methods and techniques for preparing and serving espresso coffee beverages:

Grinding coffee beans

Measuring dose by sight, electronically, manually and mechanically


Extracting espresso

Texturing milk

Sequencing orders for the preparation of coffee beverages

Changes in colour of crema

Changes in flow texture

Water pressure during extraction

Factors relevant to quality of espresso coffee:

Ambient humidity

Consistency of used coffee grounds

Crema on top of the espresso

Quality and rate of espresso flow

Steam pressure during foaming and steaming of milk


Extraction rates for the different espresso coffee beverages specified in the performance evidence

how and when adjustments are required to the following to ensure quality of espresso coffee:

Dose, grind, tamping technique, water flow, water pressure

Organisational procedures and industry standards for:

Service-ware used for espresso coffee beverage presentation

Accompaniments used to enhance beverages

Presentation of beverages:

Latte art

Appropriate environmental conditions for storing coffee beans, ground coffee, milk and other ingredients to:

Ensure food safety, optimise shelf life, essential features and functions of different espresso machines

Grinders used to prepare espresso coffee beverages:

Sizes and types of filter baskets and tampers

Purging the steam wand

Flushing the group head

Cleaning and maintenance methods and procedures

Symptoms of faults in espresso machines and grinders

Safe operational practices and dangers of working with steam

Basic maintenance and cleaning methods for espresso grinders, machines and equipment:

Back flushing the machine

Brushing out doser chamber

Pouring hot water to clean drainage pipes

Using correct and environmentally sound disposal methods for coffee making waste

Washing drip trays

Washing and drying:

Bean hopper

Group handle and filter basket

Wiping down entire machine

Wiping outside of steam wand and nozzle and purging inside with steam

Content of safety data sheets (SDS) for cleaning agents and chemicals, or workplace documents or diagrams that interpret the content of SDS



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