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3 products

Necta Automatic Coffee Machine

Necta is the grounding brand of Evoca Group. It offers an enormous choice of machines and associated services with its complete range of products for small offices, coffee lounges, etc. As a cornerstone brand of Evoca group, Necta supplies innovative machines to cover all market needs in the Automatic, Impulse and Semi-Automatic sectors. Necta acts as the key reference supplier in the three segments because of its fully comprehensive product portfolio. And, this range is unmatched, and none of its competitors can propose the same width and depth of product offering.

About Necta

This brand focuses on the philosophy of constant innovation and product development. The combination of innovations and new technologies developed by this brand has set new benchmarks in the industry. And it obliges its competitors to consider it “the one to follow”. Also, it stimulates the demand for replacement and new adoptions as this brand strives to offer more appealing, reliable and technologically advanced machines. 

The brand reputation is excellent. And this credit goes to superior quality, reliability and ease of maintenance of its products. Successful partnerships with several essential coffee roasters add more quality to the products. Besides, it supplies some of the largest operators in Europe.

Technological and Innovative Excellence

Necta plays a leading role in the Vending market. And to be one of the most important coffee machines manufacturers in the world, it has a fully comprehensive product portfolio. The new standard developed by this brand has been pushing Vending and Horeca boundaries forward. Furthermore, new technologies and innovation assist the operators to access the info on their economics and customers purchasing experience. The enhanced technology includes-

Patented Technologies for coffee is another exciting part of this brand. The manufacturers have added espresso brewers Z3000 and Z4000 technologies to deliver the best quality of the drinks, according to the taste of different consumers in different countries.

Multicup (for each drink the right cup) is equipped with 5 different rotating columns that allow dispensing cups in up to 5 formats. Also, it allows you to dispense extra large drinks.

Instant Technology includes a single or double water inlet for the preparation of soluble drinks. Its primary motto is to speed up the delivery of drinks. 

Enhancing customer experience with cutting edge user interfaces provide innovative and dynamic user interfaces. Also, touch screens feature colourful menus, filter functions for advanced search for quick and easy selections. Besides, dispensing solutions offer smooth delivery of fragile packages.

Our Necta Automatic Coffee Machine Range

Our supreme quality Necta automatic coffee machine range includes Necta KALEA PLUS ES FM, Necta Kalea ES FM, and Necta Koro Prime Espresso Fresh Milk & Precision Milk Fridge 21L Package


The Necta Kalea Plus ESM FM is a highly demanding product because of its high speed and high performing features. And, these specialities make this machine easy to use by staff and in self-service mode. It offers premium quality espresso-based drinks. 

Usage of the proven Z4000 brewer and the option of the self-adjusting grinders have made it more efficient to the users. It features a professional rotating pump. And thus, it can meet all needs even in the crowdest and busiest locations.

Necta Kalea ES FM

The Necta Kalea ES FM Automatic Coffee Machine is highly wanted in vending technology as it offers superb coffee and hot beverage options. The incredibility of the machine lies in its output. This machine can deliver up to 100 cups an hour, allowing you to service medium to large businesses, functions or events and more with a perfectly made coffee menu, from delicious Italian-style espresso to foamy cappuccinos!

This machine features-

  • 7 full-colour graphic touch screen display

  • an entirely customizable menu

  • a modular design to streamline maintenance

  • two dedicated coffee hoppers and grinders, and so on.

Necta Koro Prime Espresso Fresh Milk & Precision Milk Fridge 21L Package.

Koro Prime is the focus for the ideal coffee break because of its attention to detail, exquisite design, perfect lighting and unrivalled performance.  

Elegant ‘mood lighting’ illuminates both the front and sides and there’s a large display for managing both images and text. The backlit, touch-sensitive selection panel completes the look of this perfect modern coffee machine and makes it apt for any environment. It is the best option for offices, meeting rooms, shops, and restaurants.

Our Other Products

We also offer many other premium quality coffee machines to make your coffee experience more pleasurable. Other coffee machine range includes Nuova Simonelli Coffee Machine, La Pavoni Coffee Machine, Isomac Coffee Machine,  Bellezza Coffee Machine, Dalla Corte Coffee Machine, Cafello Coffee Machine, Bezzera Coffee Machine, ECM Coffee Machine, Rancilio Coffee Machine, and many others. Our other products also include multi-cleaning tablets, spare milk tank hose, milk pitcher, milk thermometer, etc.

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