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Why Is A Milk Thermometer So Important For Making Delicious Espresso?

Every barista lover wants a perfect cup of coffee every day. But, brewing a perfect cup of coffee is not a joke. It is an exercise of consistency and precision. That is why a milk thermometer is a necessary tool for any true barista.

The proper thermometer helps you make a consistent cup of coffee day after day. Besides, it has several other benefits. What are they? Let us explain to you in brief!

Why Should You Use A Milk Thermometer To Make A Perfectly Brewed Coffee?

You may experience that sometimes your coffee is steaming hot one day and barely warm the next. Or the same barista at your favourite cafe makes a creamy coffee one time, and the next time it is watery and tasteless. These are because of either not using a thermometer or wrongly used.

Read out the below lines to explore all the advantages of using an espresso thermometer!

Get A Consistent Cup Of Coffee

Some baristas tend to use their sense of touch and sound to identify the optimal heat of milk. Well! These tricks are all useful, but it opens room for inconsistency. Instead, proper use of a thermometer can give you a consistent cup of coffee day after day.

Let You Know The Exact Temperature!

A milk thermometer lets you know what the temperature of the water is right now. Plus, when your milk is at the best temperature for consumption. We all know that milk can react to temperatures. It has a lower boiling temperature than water.

So, when the milk boils, the heat destroys its natural sweetness and develops an undesirable taste. That is why you should not overheat milk when making coffee.

Some Important Temperature Points That Might Be Useful:

• Lower than 60℃ – You can use these temperatures for stretching and texturing milk.

• 60℃ – 70℃ – according to all the coffee experts, it is the optimal drinking temperature. You must avoid stretching or texturing at these temperatures.

• 70℃ – 80℃ - People who want their cups ‘extra-hot’, this temperature reserves for him. We recommended avoiding exceeding 80℃ as this is close to the boiling point of milk.

So when preparing a perfect cup of coffee, you must use a thermometer. It allows for greater precision and consistency. It is the reason any true coffee enthusiast should have one milk thermometer next to its coffee machine.

How To Calibrate A Thermometer In Boiling Water?

It is the first thing you need to do after buying a thermometer.

If it is for home or your cafe, it is crucial to check regularly and calibrate your thermometer. It ensures temperature accuracy and precise readings.

Dip it in boiling water, then use some pliers. After that, gently rotate until the temperature registers the correct number for boiling water. The nut or bolt is usually at the bottom of the thermometer.

Summing Up!

When you want to make a perfectly brewed coffee, you need the appropriate milk thermometer for your help. Make sure you choose a reliable company that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. You can go through our other blogs to become more informative.